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How to Earn $5 And As Much As $100 On Invisibly Platform


Here is a detailed guide on how to make money on Invisibly

Invisibly Platform

Have you heard of Invisibly? A platform where you can earn $5 and even as much as $100 performing Simple tasks like answering surveys, sharing your personal data to them and also liking or disliking posts. Making money online is no longer as hard as it used to be in the past for people who have embraced technology, so if you are one of the individuals who is internet inclined, then count yourself lucky.

In today’s article, we are going to have a look at how to make $5 and upto $100 on invisibly platform. Just some days ago, I posted an article on how to make money by answering surveys on Appinio and some of our readers have cashed out twice or more already on the platform within a space of four days. Sticking to this blog comes with its own benefits. Without wasting much time, below is a breakdown on how to earn money on Invisibly Platform.

How To Make Money On Invisibly Platform

Invisibly is a platform that rewards users when they answer surveys, share their personal data and also express their interest on feeds and articles by liking or disliking posts. But sadly, Invisibly is not available for Nigerians, it’s only for US citizens, there is a way to get over it though and I know many of us are aware of it, just get any strong VPN and connect to US server.

Download Windscribe VPN Preferably From Google Playstore

Then you click HERE to sign up on Invisibly, there is no app, so you won’t have to spend much data to get started.

When you click on the link, you’d be redirected to a new page asking you to fill a form, simply fill the form with your accurate details or sign up with your Google account and then proceed to the main page. On the main homepage, you will be asked to choose somethings you want to be seeing on your feed, simply select your interests, like sports, animals etc.

As you select what you want to be seeing on the feed, you will be credited with 1 point each and when you like posts that will appear on your feed afterwards, you will also be given 1 point per like or dislike on posts or news. That’s all for that! Recall that, Invisibly pays you for sharing data on the platform, you’d also be shown some surveys, 4 points survey, 10 points survey and so on all about yourself.

Fill them correctly and sincerely and not randomly as that will determine whether you will be given surveys in the future. To accumulate more points, click on your Data option (check screenshot below)

Invisibly earning platform

You will be asked to share some of your information with them, like your gender and some other personal but not-so-personal questions. Fill accurately and you will be credited with more points.

Now to accumulate more withdrawal points on Invisibly Platform, you can stick to waiting for surveys but that will make withdrawal date far, other means of gathering more points are; liking posts (20 points per day), referring others, free 100 points per person you refer but there is a condition; you will get to know later.

How To Accumulate More Points Through Referrals And Withdrawal Method On Invisibly

Invisibly payment proof

The referral program is one way of gaining withdrawal points very fast but the only condition is that, your referral must get to 250 points before you get credited with the 100 points and he or she also gets credited with 100 points for registering with a referral link. The purpose of this condition is to filter out unserious people.

If you get to 500 points you place a withdrawal, by entering your PayPal email address. 500 points is equivalent to $5. It’s not that difficult to accumulate because after answering all the profile surveys you must have upto 100+ points of which you get daily 20 points when you like 20 posts on your feed.

Enjoy! Share to others who may be interested in making passive income online!

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