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Tiktok is one of the most popular social platform that specializes on short video sharing and entertainment. The social content sharing platform has made numerous stars in Nigeria and also fetched them some money via advertisement and also gifts during livestream. But then, do you know you can also make money on Tiktok in Nigeria by monetizing your account with

In this article we are going to be touching several aspects of the platform and how to start making money with your Tiktok account from anywhere in the world by following simple steps and doing what you love doing on a daily basis. Let’s start by introducing platform and how Tiktok content creators can earn some money via the platform.

What is is a platform that serves as the intermediary between artists and promoters and the Tiktok content creators. What I mean by intermediary is that, the platform serves as a middleman in ensuring Tiktok content creators get paid after successfully promoting a sound provided by artists.

The platform is wholly AI based and you can use the provided sounds from artists to create content and get paid in dollars as long as you have a Tiktok account and a good number of followers, views and engagement.

After signing up on the platform, new sounds will be forwarded to your inbox and once you accept the sound, it gets moved to accepted tab for you to make a video with them. Once you are done with the video, you copy the link of the video posted on your account and submit for verification to get credited with the money. Without wasting more time, let’s dive into how to register and start making money with platform on Tiktok.

How to Register On Platform

How to link with Tiktok Account is presently available only on the web, meaning there is no android or iOS application for the platform.

✅ Open your web browser, go to website

✅ You will see option to sign in as a creator i.e. Tiktok content creator.

✅ Login using your existing Tiktok account, there is option for Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram.

✅Input your Tiktok email or phone number and password. You will be asked to authorize the connection between and your Tiktok account, approve this connection to grant the website access to your Tiktok account.

✅ After granting them access, you would then be directed to your personal dashboard, where you can fill your personal information, view earnings and also place withdrawals from the account.

How to Receive New Available Campaigns On Your Newly Created Account

In most cases, you will be notified of a new campaign that you can earn from, but if you don’t get notified for sometime, there is no harm in checking it by yourself.

There is currently no way of getting or receiving campaigns, everything is handled by the AI based on account eligibility, and the higher and faster you fulfill the orders or complete the contents with the sound provided, the more campaigns will be unlocked and available for your account.

To check for available campaigns on Website, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the music icon at the bottom left corner of your dashboard to access your inbox. Recall that I said, you will receive notifications in your inbox when there’s a new campaign.
  3. Available sounds that can be used should be displayed in the inbox with the required number of views that your content should get in order for you to get paid the stated amount. So before accepting any campaign, ensure you have checked the views.
  4. That’s all for checking for campaigns on the website but if the inbox is blank, then you have no campaign.

Added tip – to be sure of the campaigns on your dashboard, make sure you sign in through the location you used in signing up on the platform in the first instance. If you login with a VPN or unverified location, there won’t be campaigns available for you.

How to Complete A Campaign You Have Accepted On Website Tiktok Monetization

✅ After you have accepted the campaign or to use the sound. Click under accepted tab, you select campaign.

✅ Under the earnings, you will see required views and the attached sound.

✅ Click on the Tiktok icon to access or open your Tiktok app directly from the website.

✅ Then, you make a vide with the provided sound and upload to your Tiktok account.

✅ Copy the link of the Tiktok video you made with the sound and paste the in the provided box in your account.

Then you submit for review. After the review, the amount will be credited to your account.

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How to Withdraw Your Money From Website

Currently, the only way to withdraw your money from videos done is through PayPal. That means, you will be able to withdraw your revenue from a couple of days after completion of the campaign. To withdraw your money from, make sur you have a standard PayPal account that can receive money, then you follow the steps below;

  • Login to your account
  • You will see a button showing ‘Get Paid’, click on it
  • You will be provided a column to submit your PayPal email address for withdrawal. Simply type in your PayPal account email address.
  • The payment often arrives within 1-3 business days.

According to, work is in progress to add more withdrawal methods for people in countries that are restricted from using PayPal such as Nigeria. But this shouldn’t deter you if you know you can effectively make money from this as a Tiktok lover. Just get Lesotho PayPal account or UAE PayPal and use it for the withdrawals pending the introduction of more methods.

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