How to Make Your Phone Very Fast Using Developer Options

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Make phone faster

Do you know that you can make your phone very fast by adjusting some of the settings on the developer options? One of the painful things to deal with has to be a lagging device, the reason is that, you will encounter issues using your phone to the fullest if it’s very slow.

So in this piece, I am going to be revealing an old time trick on how to tweak your device and get one of the fastest machines on planet earth. Changing this setting on developer options wouldn’t cause any problems to your device, you will just enjoy better operation speed. Before we get down to what you should do to speed up your device, let’s first have a look at some of the settings that can be adjusted using developer options.

Settings That Can Be Adjusted Using Developer Options

  •  Force dark mode
  • Don’t keep activities i.e. destroy activities as soon as you leave them.
  • Mock location
  • Force desktop mode
  • Force activities on your device to be resizable
  • Display CPU usage and refresh rate

There are many other things you can do using the developer options but the one we are interested in today is improving the speed of your deceive.

How to Activate Developer Options On Your Device

The developer options as it implies has to do with some secret features that are meant for developers. But you can activate it on your phone, the steps are similar unless in some brands.

Generally, you can activate the developer options on your device, first head to settings, then to about Phone or Device.

Click on software information > Build Number, tap on the Build Number repeatedly as though you are spam tapping it Upto 5-7 times to unlock the developer options.

Enable developer options on Redmi note 11

If you use a Xiaomi Device, just click on About phone, and tap on MIUI Version repeatedly to activate the developer options, then to access it go back to settings, and click on Additional settings to see the developer options.

How to Easily Make Your Phone Fast Using Developer OptionsMake phone very fast using developer optio s

Then go back to settings and scroll down to the developer options. Open the Developer Options and locate the following settings;

  1. Windows Animation Scale 1x
  2. Transition Animation Scale 1x
  3. Animator Duration scale 1x

Then change it to the following if you want your device to get super fast.

  1. Windows Animation Scale .5x
  2. Transition Animation Scale .5x
  3. Animator Duration Scale .5x

Turn off animation completely

This will be make your phone very fast as animations which cause devices to lag will be no where to be found. If you don’t care about animation, you can turn them off completely to get a super fast device.

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Enjoy and feel free to drop feedback after making the necessary changes on your device.

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