Steps to Obtain A Moniepoint POS Machine For Business in Nigeria

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How to get moniepoint POS machine easily

As a business person, there is no overemphasizing the importance of obtaining POS machine for your business. This is most important or needed with the growing scarcity of naira notes for day-to-day activities and the fact that, young Nigerians are increasingly indulging in the POS business to provide cash to people who are too occupied to endure the long queues at ATM stands.

All these factors have accentuated the need for a POS machine. Some of the very common questions people ask on a daily basis are; how to obtain POS machine in nigeria, the easiest way to get POS machine, what is the best POS machine for business and many others. In this article, our focus is going to be on the moniepoint POS machine and how you can obtain the machine for either cash dispensing business or for your supermarket or business.

If you are a business person and would love to obtain the moniepoint POS machine, keep reading for every little information that may be needed in this quest in 2023. Before we get down to business, there is need to know what Moniepoint is all about.

What’s Moniepoint? 

Moniepoint POS machine for business

Moniepoint is one of the largest microfinance banks in Nigeria with millions of users in Nigeria. Moniepoint is very popular amongst business people and popularly considered as the best POS machine provider in the country. There are various reasons why people often go for the moniepoint POS machine or services and they are as follows;

  • Low charge on transactions – as we all know most people obtain POS machines for the purpose of using it to assist people in paying bills, making transfers, dispensing cash for people who don’t have the time to stand on long queues. Now moniepoint charges just 20 naira for transactions and this is considered the cheapest when compared to other POS machine operators.
  • Secondly, the requirements needed to obtain a moniepoint POS machine is not as rigorous as that of other POS machines. It just requires few documents and some other steps that can be easily completed(will be discussed later on).

How to Easily Get A Moniepoint POS Machine In 2023

The easiest way to obtain a moniepoint POS machine is walking to their nearest office in your city, when you get to the office, an agent would guide you through the registration process and the steps you need to qualify or successfully apply. It doesn’t just end with walking into their office or completing the steps, there is a charge or payment that has to be made to get the machine.

How Much Does The Moniepoint POS Machine Cost?

According to the information from trusted sources, the moniepoint POS machine costs about 25,000 naira and this is cheaper when compared to other service providers. Don’t be deceived! You can only apply for moniepoint POS machine in any of their approved offices. We’ll break down the full details bit-by-bit for you to understand better as time goes on.

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To become a moniepoint agent, you have to log on to their official website via –

  • Fill out the registration form for the moniepoint agents and submit.
  • Confirm your email address and phone number. After which, an agent would reach out to you within 48 hours of registration.
  • The agent will then guide you on the various things you need to do; after doing these things you will then be confirmed as a moniepoint agent.
  • The next step would be to log in to your moniepoint POS dashboard to manage your newly verified agent account. In order not to reduce the stress you would pass through, below are the documents that will be required of you to obtain a moniepoint POS machine;

What Documents Do I Need to Get A Moniepoint POS Machine?

Best POS machine provider in Nigeria

  1. A certified business license
  2. Your bank verification number otherwise known as BVN.
  3. House PHCN bill or NEPA bill as it’s locally known.
  4. Your bank account number
  5. Any official identity card such as National ID card, voters card, international passport or any other government issued ID.

When you have the above documents, you are good to go. The POS machine will now be issued to you after fulfilling these conditions and presenting the above documents. The next step would be to login to your newly obtained POS machine.

How to Login to Your Moniepoint POS

  • Download Moniepoint Application from Google Play store or Apple store depending on the device you are using.
  • Enter your agent details on the app to start transacting on the app or you can login to your account via the official website.


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