Quickteller Easter Trivia: Participate And Win Free N10,000

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Features of quickteller app

Quickteller Easter Trivia is a promotional draw that is aimed at rewarding users who make use of the application for their various payments and transactions before the 10th of April with a whopping 10,000 naira cash bonus. As we all know, alot of people all over the world and in the country are celebrating Easter, most platforms and applications are coming up with interesting plans to reward users during this festive period.

Quickteller happens to be one of the popular payment applications to launch this kind of interesting offer for users this period. So it is important for you to capitalize as the task required to win the free cash bonus is not even difficult, it’s still part of the things you do on a daily basis. With that being said, let’s get down to the full details on how to participate in the quickteller Easter Trivia for a chance to win 10,000 naira cash bonus. But before we start talking about how you can participate, there is need to know more about quickteller for the benefit of those who know little to nothing about the platform.

How Does Quickteller App Work?


Quickteller is a payment application designed to make everyday payment safe, secure and simple for users. As a quickteller user, you will be provided with various interesting features which includes bill payments, local and international airtime purchases, option to send money to friends and also a wallet that can be used to receive payments and much more.

Good thing is that, with quickteller you don’t even pass through much verifications before your account can be verified. To make you understand better, we’ll be briefly talking about the features of quickteller and the newly added features from the administrators of the application.

Features Of Quickteller App

  1. Send money to your friends and family members easily: You can seamlessly send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere irrespective of their Bank. It gets more interesting, every Quickteller user is entitled to a FREE eCash account and there are no transaction fees when sending money to Friends and Family who have eCash.
  2. Everyday payments made easy on Quickteller: Pay your everyday bills from the comfort of your home or office-Renew your Cable TV and Internet subscriptions; pay for electricity, flight tickets and more.
  3. Local and international airtime purchases can be done on Quickteller: the Quickteller App makes it easy to buy Airtime from any mobile network in Nigeria. Airtime for International mobile networks are also available.

Some of the new features that were recently added to the quickteller app to make it an all around resource are as follows;

Excellent User Experience that makes it simple to navigate and convenient to use

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Those are the features of quickteller or better put the things you stand to enjoy by signing up and using quickteller as your primary payment application. Having seen the features of quickteller and what you stand to gain by using the app, lets get down to how to participate in the quickteller Easter Trivia;

How to Participate In The Quickteller Easter Trivia

  • To participate in the quickteller Easter Trivia, you must either have an account or you create one via the application which can be downloaded for both android and iOS users. Yoh can easily download Quickteller application and sign up with your real details.
  • After signing up on the quickteller and submitting your ID for verification, the next step would be to fill the Quickteller Easter Trivia form which will give the quickteller easy access to your transactions during the promo period. This is to give them the opportunity to reward you based on your transactions – fill the Quickteller Easter Trivia Form 
  • When you are done filling the form, the next thing is to head back the quickteller app and start completing transactions. The first thing you should know is that, this easter trivia is a promo and as such, participating doesn’t mean you must win the money and it’s only for 50 lucky participants. Condition being that they must complete many transactions during the promo period which is from now to 11:59pm on Monday.

So the more transactions which includes buying airtime, sending money to loved ones, data purchases, cable TV payments etc you complete on the app from now will be tracked and you will be rewarded if you fall into the category of most active during the quickteller Easter trivia.

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