How to Pin Important Posts On Your Instagram Profile

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Pin instagram posts easily

Being able to pin some posts on your Instagram profile is one way of showing the audience, some of the most important posts on your account. Some people pin some posts that have the most number of engagements on their profile while others do so to highlight the ones they want all new users to see.

The ability to pin instagram posts is an interesting one especially for people who do business with their instagram accounts. You can easily show the best products on your page for potential customers to place orders or indicate interest. But the only problem people face in some cases is the inability to pin posts on Instagram.

So in this piece, I am going to walk you through on the very simple way of pinning your Instagram important posts. It’s a simple procedure but still, some people wouldn’t be able to do it if not instructed or shown some steps.

How to Easily Pin Important Instagram Posts

Steps on how to pin important Instagram posts

Like I said it’s a very simple procedure, all it takes is for you to login to your Instagram account.

Navigate to profile, look up your important Instagram posts and then long press on any of the posts you wish to pin to the top and click on the three dots at the bottom right corner, then the option to pin will be shown to you.

Click on it to pin your Instagram post to the beginning of your profile for more views and impressions to make more sales and money from your business.

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It’s a business feature and every Instagram business owner or vendor must know how to do it because there are certain posts on your page that you need more users to view. Utilise this feature and endeavour to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel for more updates.

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