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How to Power All Applications and Websites With the GLO WTF Bundles

Some days ago I reported the introduction of the GLO WTF Bundles otherwise called Social Bundles. I am sure from the previous explanations, you already know what the plan is about and how to activate it, but due to the fact that new visitors may stumble upon this post, we are going to do small introduction again. 

The GLO WTF bundles are data packages aimed at satisfying those users that stay online on social media 24/7. Instead of using the data you bought with a huge amount, you can now subscribe to the WTF bundles that are super cheap and still get same value for far less money. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how to use the data bundle to power all applications, websites and activities on your device. Though, it’s going to involve the download of a VPN, so I guess iOS users have no place in here. 

Below are the Requirements Needed for The Cheat;

1. You standby Android Device

2. GLO Sim Card with the WTF bundles of any amount, Remember that N100 gives you a whooping 500mb.

3. Psiphon Pro VPN – Download

Now, when you have made all the aforementioned things available, all you need to do is launch the VPN you downloaded from the above link. 

Switch on your data connection and tap on connect button on the VPN. It doesn’t require any special settings or any settings at all, just tap connect and wait for some seconds or minutes and when it gets connected, you minimise and start surfing the web, downloading apps and other things with the GLO WTF Bundles. 

It is as easy as that. I didn’t want to drop it till there’s enough yearning for it. Enjoy, that how ti power all applications and websites with the GLO WTF/Social bundles. 

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