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How to Power All Apps And Websites With MTN TikTok Bundles

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Are you aware that you can power all apps and websites with the MTN TikTok data bundles? Prior to this period, the TikTok Bundles was a social bundle that could only power TikTok application on both android and iOS with many users asking for ways of using the data bundle to run all apps and websites.

But the good news is that, these bundles can now be used to do all activities online provided you follow the instructions going to be laid down in today’s article. We are going to be learning how to power all apps and websites in fact, do all internet activities with the MTN cheap TikTok plans. Recall that the TikTok Bundles are just two; the 2gb for 350 Naira plan and the 200mb for 50 Naira plan. So if you are to use the data to power all apps and websites, it means you can now enjoy 2gb for just 350 naira and even accumulate it as much as you want. That’s mind-blowing.

How to Power All Apps And Websites With MTN TikTok Bundles

First of all, you need to download Stark VPN Reloaded, there are many other VPNs that can be used to run this cheat but this is the best since, it has less ads and you won’t be asked to increase time and all. Download Stark VPN Reloaded

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2. Secondly, you have to subscribe to one of the TikTok Bundles. Just dial, *131#, select 2 for social bundles and 4 for TikTok and then buy the plan you want to go for. Below is a screenshot of the available TikTok plans on MTN currently;

MTN TikTok Bundles

3. Thirdly, once you are done subscribing to your desired plan, just launch the stark VPN Reloaded again and select the server list, then click on Update to refresh all the available tweaks after which, MTN Tiktok Bundles 2022 will be included or added to the list of tweaks.

Stark VPN - MTN Tiktok Bundles

Once the TikTok tweak appears, select it and then start connection of the VPN with your data connection turned on to rock the cheat. You can now make use of your TikTok Bundles for everything internet activity as long as the VPN remains connected.

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