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How to Power All Apps Using the GLO WTF Bundle Without A VPN

GLO WTF Bundles


Have you ever been in a situation where, a cheat comes out but due to the fact that it is powered using a VPN, you can’t use it? Incase you have not been in that situation, allow me to tell you that I have been in such situation and I must say it’s a terrible one.

The GLO Social Bundle aka WTF Bundle are data packages introduced for customers that need to be on social media all day but can’t afford  to purchase normal data bundles.  This is perhaps the most interesting offer from GLO this year.
There’s been numerous cheats associated with the WTF bundles aimed at allowing users use the bundles to browse all websites and applications without being restricted to using just social media with it. Today, we are going to be having a look at yet another way of using the plan to power all apps and websites; this time around without a VPN.

Requirements for the New GLO WTF Bundle Tweak:

1. A Standard Android or iOS Device
2. Two GLO Sims
3. N100 Airtime or more
4. Ability to Read and Understand
If you have the requirements stated above, just insert one of the GLO sims into your device, recharge on it and then dial *777# and subscribe to the WTF bundle, any amount you want, the max is N100 for 500mb.
Subscribe and then dial*127*01*Phonenumber of the second glo sim# to share the WTF bundle with it.
After linking the sim, remove the current one from your phone and insert the one you shared the plan to. Immediately you insert the second glo sim, start browsing all websites and applications with the WTF bundle of the first sim. You don’t need a VPN to do this.
Tested and Confirmed! When the plan finishes, just reinsert the first sim, recharge and subscribe to the same WTF bundle, don’t forget that you can also accumulate it and the N100 plan is valid for a month.
Repeat the process and keep rocking the WTF bundle like a normal Glo data plan.
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