How to Qualify For 1k Airtime From Wema Bank

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How to get free 1,000 Naira airtime from Wema Bank

Wema bank is currently giving away 1k airtime voucher for customers who meet certain requirements. This promo is aimed at ensuring all customers have standard bank accounts that can receive any amount of money.

In this blog post, I am going to be unveiling some of the requirements or things you must complete in order to qualify for the 1,000 Naira airtime bonus. Wema bank is one of the regional banks that operates majorly on the internet and requires little to no paper work for someone to set up a fully functional account. Without wasting much time, below are the steps you have to follow in order to qualify for the airtime bonus.

How to Qualify For Wema Free 1k Airtime Voucher

It is not just open to existing customers of Wema bank who have not completed their account upgrade but also available for new customers. If you don’t already have an account on Wema bank, simply follow the steps below to get started;

1. Download ALAT by Wema Bank From Google Play Store 

Wema bank airtime promo

2. After downloading the application, sign up with your real details, such as first and second name, email address and the basic biometric details. You will also need to enter your BVN to complete validation of your Wema bank account.

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3. Now here is how the promo works. After registering and validating account with your BVN, you will be on tier 1; which entails that the amount your account can hold is limited. An account on tier 1 cannot really be regarded as a standard bank account as long as Wema is concerned, so the next steps you need to follow to get the airtime is upgrading your account to tier 3.

ALAT by WEMA Tier 3 upgrade

4. To upgrade your newly registered Wema account to tier 3, you will need a means of Identification such as NIN slip, Voter’s Card, National ID card plastic or international passport. Simply snap your means of identification front and back and upload on the app. You just have to follow the prompt and stated steps in the ALAT application.

When you are done filling all the necessary information for tier 3 upgrade, you will have to wait for 72 hours in order to be upgraded. After you’re upgraded, you will be credited with 1,000 Naira airtime voucher at the end of month after collation as long as your account has been upgraded to tier 3.

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