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How to Reconnect The GLO Unlimited Browsing Cheat If It Stops

GLO Latest Unlimited Cheat

Since the GLO Unlimited Cheat got out, many users have been surfing the web and downloading with no issues. But of recent, the VPNs available for the cheat which are; Thunder VPN and Psiphon VPN seem to be having a hard time connecting even after purchasing the GLO Opera Bundle & WTF Bundles.

So in today’s article, I am going to be unveiling a simple hack around the issue that will enable you reconnect the GLO unlimited Cheat VPN without issues. If your VPN is not connecting, just take this simple step and it will start connecting swiftly again.

Requirements For The Latest GLO Unlimited Cheat For July 

✅ An Android Phone or iOS device

✅ GLO WTF Bundle or Opera Social Bundle – you can subscribe by dialing *777# > Buy data >> Social Bundles

✅ Any of the available VPNs, thunder VPN or Psiphon VPN

✅ Ability to read and understand

How to Reconnect The GLO Unlimited Cheat VPNs Easily

✅ I have tested this procedure on my Thunder VPN – which is the fastest VPN for the Glo Unlimited Cheat. Download Thunder VPN Directly From Our Telegram Channel 

✅ If you have been using the cheat and then all of a sudden, it stops connecting, just long press on the VPN depending on the type of phone you make use of. Long press the VPN, select App information and clear the Data of the VPN.

Glo unlimited not connecting

✅ Clear data and cache of the VPN and then restart it again, it should connect immediately you start connection. Just make sure you have GLO opera Bundle or WTF Bundle before trying this out.

Say no to failed connection! Enjoy and endeavour to join our telegram channel and WhatsApp Group.

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