How to Send Airtime to People Outside Nigeria Easily

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Bingpay; send airtime to countries outside Nigeria

Do you know there is a way to send airtime to people living outside the country in your local currency? Most people may be wondering how this is going to be possible but worry no more as I am going to be revealing how to easily do this with an application.

In this blog post, we are going to have a look at how to send airtime to someone outside Nigeria easily with Naira. The payment app that can be used to send airtime internationally is known as  Bingpay.

What is Bingpay?

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Bingpay is a payment application that can be used to make normal local payments such as electricity, airtime top ups but the most interesting feature being the ability to transfer airtime to people outside Nigeria with just few clicks. What makes it most interesting is that, the conversion is done by the app, all you have to do is follow simple instructions.

How to Send Airtime to Someone Outside Nigeria Easily

How to send airtime to outside countries

If you have friends or loved ones in neighbouring African country or even America, all you have to do is follow the instructions below;

1. Sign up and download the Bingpay Application from Google Play Store.

2. After signing up on Bingpay, login to your newly created account and verify your account with the Bank Verification Number. This is done to prove that your name tallies, all payment apps are bound to verify their users details under the KYC directive.

3. BVN verification is usually instant after which you will be eligible to make payments with the Bingpay App. When you are done with verification, simply click on Payments > select Airtime and tap on Global if you intend sending airtime to someone outside the country.

3. It will bring you to a new page for you to input the details of the person you wish to recharge including the amount in Naira and recipient’s country of residence. Note that, you must also include the country code.

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4. This should be done after you have funded your Bingpay wallet with the amount you want to send to the person. You can fund by adding your debit card or simply by transferring money to your Bingpay account through the Wema account for your account.

That’s how to easily send airtime of any amount to a friend or loved one outside of Nigeria. Just follow the instructions though it’s mostly self explanatory.

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