How to Send And Receive Apps On Playstore Directly

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Google Playstore App sharing

Do you know that it is possible for you to send and receive Apps on Google Play store without having to make use of any third party file sharing service? If you are not a fan of the file sharing Applications and would love to share and receive any app of your choice directly without much stress, then this service provided by play store is certainly for you.

In this piece as already stated, I am going to walk you through the simple steps you need to follow in order for you to send and receive Applications on Google Playstore directly. Without wasting much time, let’s get into the main point of writing this article.

How to Send And Receive Apps On Google Playstore

How to send and receive Apps on Google Play store

Simply launch Google Playstore on your device, there is no limitation as long as you have Playstore you can share and receive Apps from anyone.

After opening Playstore, select your profile icon and click on Manage Apps and Games. On this personal page, you will see the send and receive feature boldly showing on your phone.

Sending app on PlayStore

Now here’s how it works, as a sender, just click on Send, you will be prompted to allow Playstore turn on location, approve this request. Then you will be shown a list of apps to mark for the purpose of sending to a receiver. Just select the apps and games you wish to send and tap on the arrow button showing at the top right corner.

Before doing all these, ensure the receivers phone is close by and also on the same page on playstore. Now click on Receive on the receiver’s device and your WiFi and Bluetooth will automatically be turned on. Then you return to the sender’s device and click on the send arrow and the available receiver’s device will be shown to you.

That’s all, select the device and the apps marked will begin downloading in the person’s device. No data connection is needed. This is especially perfect for people who want to receive Apps that have Obb files, you won’t have to download the extra file anymore through the method.

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