How to Stream Movies On Cruise TV Without Data Subscription

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Did you know that you can stream movies on cruise TV Without Data subscription? In the past cruise TV used to be a free streaming app i.e. free in the sense that you wouldn’t have to pay a dime when you want to watch movies on the platform before they introduced the premium service and made it a paid service.

But now, there is a little method you can utilise to stream movies on the TV without paying a dime and also without wasting data as an MTN user. This is the first of its kind, imagine watching movies and other entertaining programmes on cruise TV without paying a dime or expending your data plan; that’s crazy and at the same time, interesting.

What’s Cruise TV?

Cruise TV App

Cruise TV as the name implies is a Nigerian streaming app that gives users that opportunity to catch up with interesting programmes and entertaining activities without paying through the nose.

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Previously like I said i.e before the introduction of cruise TV premium, users could access the TV without paying a dime before it became a paid service. In this piece, you are going to access the service free of charge.

How to Stream Movies On Cruise TV Without Data Subscription

Like I said it is data free for MTN users who access the service using the method going to be revealed in this piece;

  • Download YTV Player Application from Google Play store and install it.
  • Download the Cruise TV streaming source link; a PDF file that contains the free streaming link at the bottom.
  • Now open the PDF downloaded from the link above, scroll to the bottom of the app and copy the link.
  • Then you launch the YTV application downloaded from the link above and paste the URL with your username as seen in the screenshot below;

How to Stream movies on Cruise TV Without Data Subscription

  • When you are done setting this up, click on save and then click on the cruise TV showing to start streaming without data. If you are using another network besides MTN, your data will be reduced while streaming but if you are using MTN, you will get a flash notification showing that the service is free.

How to stream movies on cruise TV without data

That’s all you need to know about cruise TV free streaming service. Enjoy and feel free to join our telegram channel for more interesting updates on tech and money making.

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