How to Transfer Airtime From Your GLO Line to Another GLO Sim

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GLO airtime transfer service

Glo Easy share service provides subscribers with the opportunity to transfer airtime from one Glo line to the other easily by dialing some codes. The reason why I am making this post is that, many Glo users are oblivious of the how to transfer airtime from their line to other numbers on the network.

It is so because the service is rarely being discussed or marketed by GLO, but such service does exist and in this article, you are going to knowing how to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo. But before we get down to the main business, let’s first start by breaking down how to change from the old default pin to a new pin.

How to Change GLO Transfer PIN From Default to Your Desired PIN

Like every other network, all Glo Sims by default come with a certain airtime transfer pin that cannot be used to transact. So every customer who intends to share airtime to other networks is required to change to his or her unique five digit PIN. So to change your transfer pin dial – *132*defaultpin*newpin*newpin#.

Let’s take for instance you want to change your pin to 22661, all you have to do is dial *132*00000*22661*22661#. The reason is that 00000 is the default transfer pin all Sims come with. Changing it is necessary and must be done to grant you access to the GLO easy share service.

How to Share Airtime From Your GLO Sim to Another GLO Sim In 2022

Transfer airtime on GLO

✅ Dial *131*receivers phone number*amount*pin#

✅ A confirmation prompt will show up, asking you if you wish to go ahead with the transfer. Simply proceed with the transfer and the amount entered will be deducted from your airtime balance and sent to the person you intend sharing airtime with.

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That’s all for how to share airtime from one Glo sim to the other. If you have been oblivious of this information, I believe this article has enlightened you one way or the other! Share to friends and endeavour to join our telegram and WhatsApp group for direct updates!


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