How to Transfer Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp

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Here is how to transfer telegram stickers to WhatsApp

How to transfer telegram stickers to WhatsApp

Are you aware that you can transfer telegram stickers to your WhatsApp account? Stickers, emojis and gifs are part of the things that make our conversations interesting on social media. It is also undeniable that Telegram stickers are usually very interesting and worth being transfered to WhatsApp. If you have wonderful stickers on telegram and wondering how to move them to WhatsApp in order to make your chats interesting, then this article is for you.

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In this article as already stated, we are going to have a look at how to transfer or move stickers from telegram to your WhatsApp account. It is very easy and also a very interesting process, but you must have a normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp business on your device to be able to move the stickers. Without further ado, below are the steps on how to move the stickers to WhatsApp.

How To Move Your Stickers From Telegram To WhatsApp

First of all, you need to download TG Stickers For WhatsApp from Google Playstore or Apple Store depending on your device OS. But for the sake of this article, I have only attached the play store download link of the app.

Then you message the TG to WhatsApp Sticker Converter on Telegram

After messaging the bot, all you have to do is send it the desired sticker you want to move to WhatsApp and it will ask you whether you intend downloading the standalone sticker or the sticker pack. Just select the one you want and it will download and send it to you in zip format.

Transfer sticker from telegram to WhatsApp

The next step is to launch the TG stickers for WhatsApp and select the directory you stored the zip file, when found, click on it and then all the stickers will appear and an option to add it to WhatsApp will also show up. Another procedure is, just click on the zip file while on telegram and when your device brings out apps that can open the zip file, select the TG stickers for Whatsapp app to make the process faster. The stickers will be added to your WhatsApp account or your WhatsApp business account. Currently, it doesn’t work on other modified versions of WhatsApp, so you can only enjoy this interesting feature on the normal application versions.

TG Stickers for WhatsApp

Presently, the developers of the application have not made it available for mod WhatsApp users like GB Whatsapp, FM and the rest. The major benefit of transferring your stickers from telegram to WhatsApp is that you get to enjoy or make use of the interesting telegram stickers on WhatsApp without hitches. If you are the type of person who communicates better with stickers, this information should be highly important to you.

That’s how to transfer your interesting stickers from telegram to WhatsApp. Enjoy and feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting tech updates and freebies even before we publish on the website. Thanks!

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