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How to Convert your Airtime to Cash Instantly with Airtime Flip Application

Last Updated: Nov. 30, 2019 

Good day guys it’s a bright new day, and I’ve decided to share with you a wonderful idea that will surely without reasonable doubt be of interest to you; what is this you might ask? I’ve discovered an application that pays you cash for your airtime. It’s wonderful right? Yes and this application is original and genuine because before it was posted here the rating on Google Playstore was checked and it was more than average. So without wasting much time  let’s move to how to use it and why it should be used.
We can’t just talk about the feature of an application without mentioning the name of the application, this application is called Airtime Flip and its primary use is to help those with airtime but no cash to get cash in place of their airtime, hassle free and quickly without having to sell the airtime manually.

Why you should try this Application✓

⟹ Hassle free; using this application is very easy, right from the initial setup  upto the the transaction level.

⟹ Transparency: this application is very transparent and the support is superb and quick to respond, and the chances you will lose your airtime is really slim.

⟹ Simple GUI: GUI means graphic user interface, now what I mean is that Airtime Flip application is very easy to use and easy to understand there are guides to help you get running and making money with your airtime.

⟹ Good rating on playstore; you know most bad apps get bad review on playstore and that is usually a tell tale sign that such an application is fraudulent or a wag. Below are  screenshots of the reviews the app has on Google playstore,(Note) not

⟹ Quickness to attend to orders; this application is good because they attend to orders very quickly, I placed an order and within 2hours I got a confirmation mail asking me to send the airtime for the slight cash equivalent.(charges apply) below is the screenshot of the mail I got not long after I applied

But like every good thing it has a number of disadvantages which are for this app enormous I must say~~

Disadvantages(Cons) of Airtime Flip – Airtime to cash Application

⟹ The service charge attached to every transaction is terrible, I mean very high; for MTN Nigeria transactions it’s 19%, while Glo it’s as big as 35% of your airtime which will result to a serious loss, and on this particular service charge the company or the app owners are rigid about it, they claim it’s the lowest in Nigeria.

⟹The application is a bit unpopular, i.e. it is still not yet popular it has just 1000+ downloads on playstore.

Notwithstanding the disadvantages and the advantages this application is something unique,  their services no doubt will help alleviate the pain people feel when they mistakenly buy excess airtime from their bank account, you know how this works right?

Simply click on this link to download the app HERE

My Take on this App ✓✓✓✓ it’s a go go .

How to Convert Airtime to Money on the Airtime flip app

⟹ After installing the application, launch the app and click on register, then you fill your details as requested..

⟹ after registration, login with the details you entered while registering such as your phone number and password and you will be shown the main dashboard

All you have to do to place an order is to choose the network you want to use and then you will be shown the % percentage they will collect for such a transaction, input amount, and click submit. Chikena you are done, after a while you will get a mail asking you to transfer the airtime to a specified number, simply transfer the amount after confirming the acct details you sent them as that will be attached in the mail showing the order confirmation… Transfer the airtime to your phone and wait some hours for the money… It will be sent to your bank acct.

Note: take note of the order code Incase there are issues, you simply contact them using their support WhatsApp number.

Disclaimer: Airtime Flip – Airtime to cash Application is not in anyway owned or controlled by Gistrealz.
Usage of the app on this note therefore is fully at the users risk(stated above too are the Cons of the application)
So use at your own risk!

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