How to Use App Cloner Pro to Create Many Copies Of Any App

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App Cloner pro mod usage

If you are encountering difficulties using the App Cloner pro mod, then this article will serve as a guide to enable you create many copies of an application on your android device without hassle.

The app cloner pro mod is one of the outstanding softwares out there that helps create many copies of an application as many times as possible. Ever since I published a post about the app Cloner, the feedback gotten so far brought to fore the fact that many are still unable to efficiently use the app Cloner pro to clone applications on their devices.

So in this article, I am going to be revealing some key steps or things to enable you make use of the app Cloner pro mod version in cloning applications of your choice as many times as possible.

How to Use The App Cloner Pro Mod to Clone Android Applications On Your Device

1. Simply launch the app Cloner pro downloaded from our previous post.

2. Now on the first page, you will be shown a list of applications on your device starting from the newly installed or recently installed applications to all the apps on your phone.

How to use app Cloner pro mod

3. Now to clone any of them, just click on the application and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see ‘cloning options’ click on it and enable the skip native libraries option, Increase compatibility, ignore crashes and Google Play Store compatibility’.

Cloning options on app Cloner pro mod

The reason why these options should be enabled is that, failure to do so may result in the cloned versions of the apps not opening or crashing constantly while in use.

Cloning apps using app Cloner mod

4. Now having enabled the options, close the menu and go back to the beginning of the page, tap on Clone number and either select Single Clones or Batch Cloning. Single clones means that, you intend cloning just one or two of the application but if you select batch cloning, it means you want to create many copies of the application for which, all of them would have a number differentiating them.

Single clone or batch cloning on App Cloner mod pro

5. If you just want to clone the app into one place, click on single clone and then click on the blue good icon at the right hand side of the app to start cloning. When it’s done, you login to the newly created application and do whatever you intend doing.

Now if after cloning Paravision, it still directs to the original app, the trick to bypass this problem is batch cloning the Paravision application into 10 places and uninstalling the main version. While batch cloning, make sure you tick the ‘Change icon colour’ and ‘Set Clone number as badge‘.

This is not just to differentiate between the cloned apps but also for you not to be confused. After batch cloning the Paravision App, whenever you click on the sign in link, your device will show you all the Paravision apps on the device for you to choose the one you intend signing in with.

That’s how simple it is! Using app Cloner pro is very easy but this article was written in the bid to further enlighten those having issues with using the app.

You can also watch the short clip attached below to gain better insight if you understand better by watching videos.

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