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How to View, Share and Unshare Data Bundle on GLO

Do you know that you can actually be hustling and working 24/7 while another person sits in his or her comfort zone draining and using up the data you purchased on Glo? This is very possible because the GLO Data sharing feature has a loophole that seems to be the stepping stone for data fraud and theft. 

It takes less than 3 minutes for another Glo user to be linked to your sim and the worst is that, this linking is forever i.e. till you suspect and either call GLO customer service or dial the unsharing code. But how are you going to unshare when you don’t even have the slightest idea of the person or number using your hard earned data? Sit tight as we unveil the code to view users sharing your data plan, the code to share and then the code to unshare data plans on GLO Network. 

How to Share, Unshare and View the Numbers Using Your Data Bundle on GLO:

1. If you want to Share your Data plan with a friend or lover, dial *127*01*phone number# and the person will be linked to your sim.
2. Dial *127*00# to view the numbers using your data bundle. If you see any number in the list or an unknown number, just write down the number and then,
3. Dial*127*02*Phonenumber# to remove such a person from sharing or stealing your data bundles. 
The reason why you should take this information serious is because, GLO Data sharing can be lifelong if you don’t remember or if you are not investigative enough to remove the number sharing your plan. 
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