How to Win Free Cash Prizes In The Wema 5for5 Promo

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The wema 5for5 promo is a package set up by Wema bank to reward active users on the platform with cash prizes when they complete certain transactions and maintain a minimum account balance. If you wish to make some extra money, then I would suggest you try out the wema new promo as there is no special requirement that a normal user of the bank wouldn’t easily complete.

In this article we will be having a look at how to qualify for cash prizes on wema bank courtesy of the 5for5 promo so that wema bank users who are not yet aware of how the promo works will be abreast with the latest information about the bank. Without wasting time, let’s get down to business.

About Wema 5for5 Promo

Wema 5for5 promo 2023

The wema 5for5 promo like I earlier stated is a promo package set up by the bank to reward active users who not only transact using their accounts but also maintain some level of savings. To stand a chance of winning, you need to use your account to complete transactions and also leave some money on your account balance in order to be selected as one of the lucky winners every month.

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According to the bank, 90,000,000 is to be given away to users who meet the requirements and are lucky in the selection. From the information that was sent to customers, it’s obvious the  promo is a random one and you can have a share of the total prize money if you meet the target and also randomly get selected.

Requirements to Win Cash Prizes On Wema

  • Fund your Alat by Wema account with atleast 5,000 naira and retain this amount for a full month.
  • Transact using the USSD code or bank app within the month to raise your chances of winning cash prize.
  • Make sure that at the end of the month, you have a minimum of 5,000 naira in your balance to further raise your odds of winning something in the wema 5for5 promo.

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