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Image used for illustration is an online investment platform that promises to give back return on deposit amount after a month of investment. It is similar to what Nextera and many other platforms of such nature have promised in the past, with new ones showing up each passing day.

Currently, Investnow is wooing users and potential investors to the platform with the ongoing free 10 dollars registration bonus that will “fetch 20 dollars” after 30 days of active investment. What this means is that, if you register before July 10th, you will get free 10 dollars which will be automatically invested for you. In as much as this is an attractive offer, it is pertinent for everyone to know that, deposit of at least 10 dollars would also be required.

This brings us to the question, is a legit platform or scam? We can’t answer this question without having a look at what Investnow stands for and the identity of the owner.

Who Owns

According to scam adviser, the owner or administrators of the website, made their contact information private. So there is no way for you to know who is making these big promises and who to hold incase it flops. This is typical of platforms like investnow and as such, there is really nothing much to say about it.

Investnow.Pro Review; Is it Legit or Scam?

This question has no answer for now. Investnow was launched or let’s say the domain registration was done on the 16th of June, 2022, so it is crystal clear that no one has withdrawn or done any other transaction on the website that involves withdrawals. So we can’t say for sure whether it’s scam, but in the months to come, this would be obvious.

For the records though, platforms like are usually referred to as hyip schemes, Ponzi schemes because what they actually do is recycle the funds and not invest in anything as they claim on the website. As a Ponzi scheme, only the people who join early walk out smiling when the platforms folds. So you can try out early enough and not cry.

How to Register On

Investnow free 10 dollars

✅ Simply click HERE to sign up on Investnow, the registration is very simple as there is no email verification or whatsoever.

✅ After creating an account, you just have to log in to confirm the automatic investment in your account. This is in line with their plans of wooing new users to the platform like I stated earlier. The promotional offer will stop on the 10th of July. So rush it if you are interested.

Other Means Of Earning On Investnow.Pro

You can earn when you refer new users. Referring on the platform fetches you 10% of your downlines investment. As an added note, in most Ponzi schemes, people who are able to refer many users often earn the most because they easily regain their capital with little to no stress. So I would suggest you refer many friends and family members if you understand the workings of a platform like this.

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