Catly Airdrop, Legit Or Scam: Earn 500 $Catly Sign up Bonus

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Catly is a new cryptocurrency investment platform that gives users the opportunity to make money in cryptocurrency everytime they deposit. If you are just hearing about catly airdrop for the first time, then this article will walk you through the various details you should know and whether or not Catly is legit or scam.

In this article as already suggested, we will be having a look at a review of catly airdrop, whether Catly is legit or scam and the earning opportunities available on catly website. Before we get down to the full details one after the other, let’s know more about Catly.

About Catly Airdrop

About Catly airdrop

Catly Airdrop is a meme token that is currently in it’s presale phase at $0.004 per $CAT. When you sign up on catly, you get the chance to earn a welcome or sign up bonus which can be claimed using your Binance BEP20 wallet address and also earn 3% of whatever you stake daily for 15 days.

The good thing is, you can withdraw the profit from whatever you stake daily from the platform and your full stake will be returned to your wallet after 15 days. Cryptocurrency lovers have been earning some money from Catly for sometime now with the platform getting stronger by the day.

How is Catly Airdrop Calculated?

How to stake Catly

  •  250 Catly is equivalent to 1 USDT
  • 2500 Catly is equal to 10 USDT
  •  12500 Catly is equal to 50 Usdt
  • 25000 Catly is 100 Usdt

Catly Review: Is Catly Airdrop Legit or Scam? is a crypto investment website or platform and most investment website whether in crypto or local currency is often legit in the initial stages before it gets weaker. So it may be out of place to say Catly airdrop is not legit at this time because many who have benefited and still benefiting from the platform will disagree with everything in them if I am to say it is scam.

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But if you plan on joining Catly, then it should be done early enough as late investors in websites like end up bearing the cost for users who joined earlier.

How to Register And Claim Free Catly Airdrop

  1.  Sign up on Catly official Website 
  2. After signing up, you will be asked to paste your Binance Pay ID, simply open the Binance app and copy your Pay ID, paste it in the Catly website. I think this was introduced to curb cheating or creation of multiple accounts.
  3. When you’re done with this step, you will be given an option to claim 500 Catly airdrop on the website, just click on it and paste your Binance BEP20 wallet address.

That’s how to complete registration on Catly website, the best step is to stake, the minimum deposit is 250 Catly which is equivalent to a $1 Usdt but to earn higher, you need to deposit something more reasonable.

Breakdown Of Investment And ROI On Catly Airdrop

  1. Daily profit 3% for 15 days
  2. Minimum investment is 1 Usdt or 250 $catly
  3. Mimimum withdrawal is $1 Usdt or 250 Catly
  4. Capital is returned after 15 days
  5. 10 levels of referral commissions
  6.  USDT BEP20

This means that everything you invest must be done using BEP20 network even withdrawals.

Has Catly Airdrop Crashed?

At the moment is still working perfectly well with investors cashing out every day. When it eventually crashes or folds up, the information on this page will be updated.

Catly Airdrop Withdrawal Proof

There are numerous withdrawal proofs available. Numerous investors have withdrawn successfully and still withdrawing. That’s not an issue in anyway, below are some screenshots of the Catly payment proof you should see;

Is Catly airdrop legit or scam?

Catly airdrop payment proof

Red Flags About Catly Airdrop

  • Catly doesn’t have any known owner. This means that it is just like the numerous crypto investment websites out there.
  • Catly is not recognized by coin market cap.
  • The numerous commission levels is a trick used by many ponzi or hyip scheme owners to lure users to the platform. It’s never a sustainable structure.

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