Is Cheelee App Worth It? Review After A Week Of Buying Glasses

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Is Cheelee app worth it?

Cheelee is a mobile app where users can watch entertaining videos to earn money in the applications coin otherwise known as the Lee token. I wrote an introductory article about cheelee and also explained all there is to know about the app but then after using the app for a week after purchasing the smart glasses, I noticed some things that should also be published for potential users to read.

Since it’s basically a follow-up to the initial cheelee app review, permit me to use the informal phrase, cheelee app review 2.0 which has to do with explaining to a potential cheelee user what to expect after purchasing the smart glasses worth $10, the flaws and the tips to take seriously if you wish to earn the most from the cheelee app. Having said that, this article is pretty much going to be answering the question, is Cheelee worth it?

In the course of explaining the various things I noticed after a week of purchasing the glasses, you should be able to deduce whether cheelee app is worth the stress or not. So without wasting more of your time, let’s dive straight into the main purpose of writing this article in order for you to find out if purchasing the cheelee glasses is worth it or not.

Is Cheelee App Legit?

First things first, before we start talking about detailed aspects of the cheelee app, there is need to once again answer this very important question. Personally speaking, cheelee app is legit and not scam because I have withdrawn first hand after some days of purchasing the smart glasses, I decided to withdraw immediately I earned up to the minimum withdrawal amount (1 Lee)

I used MEXC App to place withdrawal and it landed instantly after some block confirmations. There was absolutely no delay. Which means that, the cheelee app pays automatically, so there is less chance of manual influence or your payment being paused by an administrator for any reason. Cheelee is not a ponzi scheme even though it has the arrangement of a ponzi scheme since you have to deposit money before you can start withdrawing and also earning more, but then, like the saying goes, people don’t usually value free things.

How to Buy Glasses On Cheelee App

You can easily purchase glasses on the cheelee after registering, but the detailed guide on how to purchase glasses can be found in my previous review. Click on the link to access this important information if you feel like buying glasses after reading this my personal experience.

Personal Review After Buying Cheelee Glasses

Like I stated earlier, I purchased the smart glasses which are worth $10, I used the naira payment option as at then, the rate was much lower. I paid roughly 12,000 naira to purchase the glasses and then started watching videos.

Cheelee app review

Upon buying the Lee smart glasses, I was given 4/4 attention with a 100/100 endurance. The attention depletes the more time you spend watching videos and when it gets to 0/4 you would have to wait 6 hours for the attention to start regaining one by one. It’s same for the endurance, but the only difference is, endurance doesn’t regain its numbers after it depletes.

As a matter of fact, once your endurance gets exhausted, the purchased glasses will break and you’d have to pay for another cheelee glasses. So bear in mind before registering that the glasses you are buying it’s not permanent. It gets broken when your endurance runs out.

Some of the major downsides I noticed while using the cheelee app, is that, the endurance depletes very quickly after you’ve purchased a paid glass. The attention span runs out in less than 20 minutes of watching videos and scrolling through the feed and this plus the long time it takes to regain greatly impacts the earning potential of a user in a negative way.

So you may find yourself feeling you’ve thrown away money if care is not taken and if you don’t get to read a personal review like this.

Secondly, on the aspects of charges, cheelee app also didn’t meet expectations. I felt so bad when I discovered I have to deposit BNB into my external wallet before I can place withdrawals. I had to deposit $1 worth of BNB and to my greatest surprise, $0.20 worth of it was used to confirm my withdrawal of lee token from the cheelee app. It doesn’t end here, you also lose some percentage of your accumulated lee tokens when you’re about to withdraw.

The crazy charges is another negative factor I noticed on the cheelee app while using it which further reiterates the need for an answer to the question, is Cheelee app worth it? Because not everyone will find it funny depositing extra BNB to withdraw their earned allowance and with the current dollar to naira exchange rate for people in Nigeria, it could actually be a bigger deal than the administrators think.

Thirdly, cheelee token otherwise known as the Lee token is only listed on very few exchanges, so if you want to withdraw, make sure you download mexc as the token is listed on the app, but the only thing is, ensure you’ve reached up to $5 bfore withdrawing to MEXC otherwise you won’t be able to swap it to Usdt.

Cheelee App Red Flags

  • Excess charges/fees on withdrawals.
  • Endurance depleting faster than expected especially for people who purchased the smart glasses of $10.
  • Attention always running out in less than 20 mins of watching the videos on the app which great limits the earning potentials of the users. The time it takes to recover one by one is also very long, so you may have a very long wait time if you eventually run out of attention.
  • The Lee token is listed on few exchanges, so you can’t use popular wallets like Binance, Trust wallet etc to withdraw your money.

How to Earn Faster On Cheelee App

After some days of dealing with the constant “you’re out of attention” problem. I decided to take the app less seriously, so I start watching the videos at a particular time daily. So I started spending less time on the app and only using for the few minutes every day to earn.

Now what I noticed is that, the attention often gets fully recovered to 4/4 after 24 hours and you get to earn more money if you view with the full attention intact. So in a day before the 4/4 attention runs out, I earn slightly above $1. Now imagine earning this amount on a daily basis for 30 days, you will be having roughly $25 – $30 which is very commendable; considering the amount used to purchase glasses.

So if you want to earn more, consider trying out my method because it’s currently working well and you will spend less than 1 hour on the app everyday since you login same time daily. Thus more time for other productive activities.

Secondly, if you want to earn more money faster on cheelee app, go for the higher glasses or you can start referring friends and family members to earn up to $9 per referral. You can see the information on their referral page.

Is Cheelee App Worth It?

The truth is, the answer to this question is purely individual based and as such, there is no way I can speak for everybody. It is true that cheelee app is legit, but the earnings might seem slow at first especially if you are the type of person who is used to earning big.

Cheelee app is worth it only if you can return to the app daily and use up your attention at a time. But the issue of endurance running down rapidly may be hazardous because your glasses could expire when you’ve not earned up to the money used to buy the glasses.

We’ve come to the end of this cheelee personal review. From what you’ve read, is Cheelee app worth it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and also join our WhatsApp and telegram channel for more interesting money making reviews and updates.

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