Is Legit or Scam? See How to ‘Earn Money’ Daily

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Is legit or scam? Hrtbtc is an online earning platform that promises to reward users with interest when they invest with certain amounts in USD. It is an investment platform and like every other investment platform, it also claims that users can earn money daily when they deposit and lock-in some money on the platform starting from 3 Usd which converts to our local currency as 2250 to 10,000 USD.

Now basically, in or HRT, you are supposedly investing the amount you can afford to lose and then getting cash rewards daily in form of interesting which can be withdrawn instantly. So in this article, we are going to be having a look at a review of hrtbtc, some of the investment plans and also answering the very important question, is legit or scam, coupled with how to earn money and some other basic but pertinent details anyone who wishes to register must know.


Hrtbtc as already stated is an online earning platform that rewards users with cash benefits when they deposit money starting from 3 Usd to  10,000 USD. The amount you can receive as interest is wholly dependent on the amount you deposit into the platform.

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The above is a professional definition or breakdown of how hrtbtc works or what the platform is about but an honest review would be, a hyip or money making platform similar to many other ponzi schemes we’ve probably participated in. One thing about hyip schemes is that, they make unrealistic claims with the hope of enticing users enough to make huge deposits knowing fully well that humans are greedy by nature. Hrtbtc is not different in anyway, it’s fully a ponzi scheme but not all ponzi schemes are bad! Login

You can login to hrtbtc website by clicking on this link – or if you want to sign up after reading this article, click on this link –

Is legit or scam

Is legit or scam is an online earning platform and as such, it is not devoid of risks. participating in the platform or depositing your own hard earned money means taking a risk since money can not be plucked from trees and the platform’s claim of paying users interest is not realistic or at least wouldn’t be in the nearest future. My honest advice would be to deposit only what you can afford to lose as there is a chance that the platform has grown weak since it was launched sometime last year.

Some people would have said, is legit and safe since it’s still paying actively, but that’s wrong; judging from the fact that, the platform doesn’t generate money from elsewhere, all the funds being paid to users as interest are deposits from newbies who are desperate to make money.

So it’s basically revolving cash and this is common for platforms like this. To answer the question therefore, can not be said to be legit but you may actually earn from it if you join on time or take calculated risks by depositing small and referring people to register with your link as fast as possible.

How to ‘Earn Money’ On Hrtbtc

How to earn money on hrtbtc

As you can see, there is a quotation mark on the earning money because there is a chance that you may also lose whatever you invest. The terms of this kind of platforms is boldly written, users are advised to participate with what they can comfortably afford to lose or let go of. With that said, below are the steps to follow in order to start earning on;

  • Create an account via the official website. I attached my referral link but you are welcome to sign up directly as well.
  • When you are done creating an account, you will be given a welcome bonus of 100 naira. This can earn nothing reasonable for you unless you consider depositing and to do this, click on Recharge, then select the amount you want to deposit.
  • Then proceed to make payment on the platform. Immediately the payment is confirmed, tap on products to see the list of “intelligent quantization robots” select the one that matches the amount you deposited. On this same page you will see description of each plan and the number of days it should run including the returns you should be expecting.

When was Launched?

The question, is legit or scam can not be answered boldly without mentioning when the platform was launched. Reason being that schemes similar to this, perform best with investors having less chances of losing their monies when the platform is still new.

In the case of hrtbtc, the domain name was created or registered on the 9th of October, 2022 to expire on the same day and month in 2023. This means that hrtbtc has been around for sometime and as such, it wouldn’t be such a good idea investing alot on the platform for your own good.

Hrtbtc Referral Program

Hrtbtc Referral bonus is nothing to write home about. It was previously, 100 naira for every user referred until they reduced it 20 naira. Which means you get little to nothing for referring loved ones to the platform unless the referred users activate one of the paid plans.

But it’s an extra way to earn on the platform. If you can refer, you can stick to low plans so when things go south, you won’t lose out or have a reason to feel frustrated. payment proof payment proof

The platform is paying as at the time of publishing this article. This doesn’t make it legit or a good platform to risk your huge money but it shows the platform is currently playing for now and may be worth the calculated risk.

Is legit or scam? I guess this article answers the question perfectly. Enjoy and feel free to share.

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