Is Jamb 2023 Results Out? Here is When it Will Be Available & How to Check

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Is jamb 2023 results out? How can I check jamb 2023 results? When will the 2023 jamb results be out? These are some of the questions that will flood the internet in the coming days due to the curiosity by the students who did the exams. This is completely normal as a matter of fact, while I was at that stage, my search history was filled with questions pertaining the jamb exams and considering how delicate the exam is, this can’t be seen as out of place.

In this article, we are going to be answering the questions pertaining the jamb 2023 results, whether the results are out i.e. for the students who just concluded theirs and if it’s not, when the results will be fully released according to the information from the board. Let’s get started.

Is the Jamb 2023 results out?

Jamb 2023 results out or not?

No, the jamb 2023 results are not out at the time of this publication. I mean the exams just started, all batches have not concluded their exams, so there is need for you to be patient. The rush is understandable and very welcome but when the results get released officially, a publication will be made to that effect.

When will 2023 Jamb Results Be Released?

According to official reports, the jamb results will be released officially within 48 to 72 hours after the last batch of students have done their own exams. Like I said earlier, the jamb exams were broken down in batches with students doing their exams at various dates.

But the last batch is slated to do their jamb exams on the 2nd of may, so you should expect results to be released fully and checkable via the website and through SMS starting from 4th of may to 6th of may. All students that did the jamb 2023 exam, should expect their results to be released not later than the may, 6th, 2023.

How to Check Jamb 2023 Results

When will jamb 2023 results be released?

When the jamb results are released another issue some students encounter is the method through which it can be checked. So, below are the steps to follow in order to see your jamb results;

  • Go to jamb portal –
  • Enter your registration number for the 2023 utme in the column provided.
  • Then tap on “Check My Results” button.
  • Your jamb results will be displayed on the next page with your scores from the four subjects you did including the overall score.

So if you are wondering whether jamb 2023 results are out or not, the information in this article must have answered the questions and even more.

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