Is Legit Or Scam? (Onlineig Review)

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Onlineig Review otherwise known as online jetearn is an earning website where users can make passive income by completing some tasks on a daily basis when you login to your account. Even though the idea of judging from the websites or platforms we’ve been privy to, almost never works, there is need to know if the case of is different or not thus this onlineig review.

In this article, which happens to be an onlineig review, we will be examining the various factors starting from how to supposedly earn money on the platform to digging deep into the legitimacy of the based on the facts and what I noticed on the website when I checked it out. So without wasting time, let’s get started with the topic of today.


Onlineig which is known as online jetearn is an online earning website where users complete various tasks to earn money. Some articles suggest that you watch videos ads as well to earn but from my analysis and what I saw on the website, there is no such feature or service.

The only main way of earning money on onlineig is by completing the tasks on the website which varies. Some of the tasks have to do with registering on a particular website, some have to do with following or subscribing to a particular account on a social messaging platform etc. bottom line is, you earn money on from completing the tasks shown to you.

There is another way of earning money from the platform and that is via referring new users. When you refer new users to Onlineig, you get some reward and also the new user you introduced to the system also gets rewarded. But there is an additional thing to beware of, there is no stated information about the referral program on their website which begs the question, do they actually have a referral program? You will find out later on.

How to Start Earning On

To start earning money on the platform, you have to create an account via their official website.

The account creation steps is quite straightforward. When you’re done with that, you will be given free 500 naira welcome bonus which cannot be withdrawn but perhaps, serves as a miniature motivation for you to start completing tasks.

If you want to start accumulating some money on the platform, you have to click on the three lines at the top right corner and then click on “Available Tasks“. You will be taken to a new task page to complete the task.

After completing each task, you are expected to screenshot and submit to them for approval i.e. for the stated amount to be credited to your jetearn balance. That’s how it works, if you are looking for how to start earning money on, then I Believe I’ve fully explained the few steps you have to take. But if you are here to find out if is legit or scam, then keep reading as that is the essence of this onlineig review.

How to Withdraw From

How to withdraw from

Once you earn up to 40,000 naira, you can redeem your money by clicking on payment on your dashboard, then fill your account details if at the point of sign up, you selected bank transfer as payment method.

Then submit and wait for the payment that may never arrive.

Onlineig Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

The truth is that, otherwise known as online Jetearn is not a legit website. It may not be a scam since you are not asked to pay money before signing up, but the truth is that, the website is not to be trusted.

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Apart from the fact that it shouldn’t be trusted as per being a scam, the website has a lot of flaws one should beware of or at least I noticed which also reiterate my earlier position that its pure trash. Below are some of the red flags of

Red Flags

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is very high; pegged at 40,000 naira. This is practically impossible for any user to attain and even if you reach this amount, the chances you would be paid is very infinitesimal.
  • has been around for a while, yet no payment proof from anybody. All you see are posts about the platform from people who are yet to understand.
  • The tasks don’t renew, they don’t add new tasks for users to complete. The old ones remain as they are. It’s as if the owner of the website just created the website as a test for a bigger plan or vision in future. It seems forgotten, so why waste money and data on a website that even the owner has forgotten?
  • They claim users get free 700 points when they register and complete tasks on the website while in actuality, users are being rewarded with real amount in naira; this makes the site look wacky.
  • There is no detailed information about the website on its homepage, it looks so basic and the chances of one getting paid from a website like is literally impossible.


Should you waste your time on Don’t do that. There is no indication that the site is even alive or functional not to talk of paying users money for tasks. The tasks are even very hard to complete due to the direct ad pages users are taken to upon trying to complete the tasks.

If after reading this onlineig review, you still want to go ahead with using the website, then feel free. The goal of this review is to show you potential flaws and red flags about a website so you don’t go and invest money or waste data on a fruitless activity.

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