Is Smart Jail Mail App Available For Download?

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Looking for how to download smart jail mail app? If you are, then there may be need to read this article till the very end. Smart jail mail is a platform created for the purpose of connecting family and friends with inmates, prisoners and detainees in correctional institution through an easy to use online system.

On smart jail mail, you get to connect with your loved ones who for any reason are in correctional centers. You can connect in just minutes and correspond every day in near real time instant communication with your loved ones. All it takes is signing up and starting the connection.

In this article, we are going to be finding out if the smart jail mail app is available for download or not and some of the services being offered by the website.

About Smart Jail Mail

Smart jail mail app download

Smart Jail Mail is a platform created for the sole purpose of helping families connect with their loved ones who are detainees, inmates or prisoners. This connection is in real time and as someone who wishes to connect with your loved ones, there are various ways you can do so on smart jail mail and they are as follows;

  1. Telephone services
  2.  Email
  3. Sharing photos
  4. Video visitation

These are the primary ways through which people can connect with inmates, prisoners or detainees directly in real-time on smart jail mail. But the only thing is that, it involves payment.

How to Start Using Smart Jail Mail 

How to start using smart jail mail app

To start using smart jail mail, you need to create an account via the official website. Just click on sign up and proceed to fill in your details.

It takes a few minutes for you to be done with the sign up process and then you proceed to purchase credits. For just sending messages to your loved one in correctional center, you need to establish connection by searching for the inmate and then make payment.

For each message sent, you will be changed 50 credits and the minimum amount you can purchase in credits is $5 worth of credits which is about 500 credits. Purchases can be made with either credit cards or debit cards.

How to Download Smart Jail Mail App

Smart jail mail app used to be available on Apple store for iOS devices and Android devices on play store but currently, the application is not available anymore.

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This means that you can no longer access the service via the application as the links pointing to the smart jail mail app is returning an error.

The only way to access and enjoy the services of smart jail mail is through their official website which is also reasonable enough.

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