Is WhatsApp Banned In Dubai? Here is the Truth & Why

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Is WhatsApp banned in Dubai? This is a popular question people often ask. WhatsApp is a social messaging application as we all know and perhaps the most popular of them all. But then, there are various reports from people that WhatsApp is banned in dubai and this has generated a form of tension amongst people who are planning to migrate or travel to Dubai either for holidays or simply planning to go and reside in the country.

So in this article, we are going to be answering some pertinent questions regarding the state of WhatsApp service in dubai, inquiries like, is WhatsApp banned in dubai? Reason why Dubai banned WhatsApp and many other questions centered around this topic will be discussed briefly in this piece and also at the end, you will have found out the true state of things regarding the existence of WhatsApp in dubai. Without wasting more time, let’s get down to the main purpose for publication of this article.

Is WhatsApp Banned In Dubai?

Is WhatsApp banned in dubai?

Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates and due to the nature of the country, there are strict internet restrictions imposed by the government. In the United Arab Emirates, internet usage is being monitored and inspected by the telecommunication regulatory authority also known as TRA and this authority placed a restriction on the usage on WhatsApp.

The TRA as they are commonly called placed a ban on WhatsApp and this didn’t just affect the social messaging app but also similar applications such as Skype and Viber. Now this restriction is not on the service generally but on calls and video calls.

This means that, in Dubai, you can still make use of WhatsApp for other things such as messaging, chatting all day with your loved ones, but you can’t use the app to make video calls or voice calls. So people saying WhatsApp is banned or restricted completely in Dubai are not saying the entire truth. WhatsApp calls and video calls are banned in dubai due to the inspection or monitoring being done by the TRA.

Reason Why WhatsApp Was Banned In Dubai

Can I use WhatsApp in dubai?

The main reason for this restriction on some services provided by WhatsApp is that, the government provided users with similar services like C’me and Botim; two of which offer the same kind of services people enjoy on WhatsApp with an added free calls and option to share photos to loved ones free of charge in Dubai.

So for this reason, WhatsApp can only be used to chat, connect with friends and pretty much enjoy most services on the platform expect for the calling features.

How Can I Make WhatsApp Calls In Dubai?

In as much as there is a restriction on WhatsApp calls in Dubai, there is a little hack around it. WhatsApp users in Dubai who would like to make calls and video calls using the app can simply bypass the restriction with a virtual private network (VPN).

This is a working method people use in Dubai to make WhatsApp calls irrespective of the ban or better put restrictions placed on WhatsApp! So there you have the answers to the questions you have been asking, WhatsApp is not banned in dubai, but a feature of WhatsApp is not allowed due to the government’s prioritization of their own services as against WhatsApp.

Can I Use WhatsApp In Dubai?

The answer to this question having explained the basic things to know about the restriction placed on the meta owned platform, is yes. WhatsApp works in Dubai perfectly well expect that, you’d have to either use a VPN to make calls or video calls or you make use of the platforms provided by the government for the sake of voice and video calls.

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