Itel Goal Goal Power: Win Airtime, Airpods and Phone

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Itel goal goal power

The itel Goal goal power is a promotion put in place by the Top phone manufacturer, Itel to give back to the customers this AFCON period. As a user, you can win a lot of gifts when you participate or partake in the challenge. Some of the notable prizes to be won from the itel Goal goal competition is the Itel P55 and the airpod.

In this article, we will be having a look at all there is to know about the itel goal goal power and how you too can win some of the prizes. But before we get down to the full details, it’s important to note that, it’s a promotion and every promo has an end.

About Itel Goal Goal Power

Itel Goal Goal Power

The itel goal goal challenge is a promotion set up by the company to reward users who participate on a daily basis by clicking on the play to win button on the main page. You have only one trial per day and it’s a draw; meaning you mustn’t win each time you draw. It’s a luck thing.

There are numerous prizes to be won such as the itel P55, itel P55+, Airtime vouchers and finally itel accessories such as airpod and similar gadgets.

How to Partake In The Itel Goal Goal Power

Simply hop into the campaign page and click on the “play to win” button, then you will be given 5 shooting chances to score in a penalty. During the penalty score game, you are only required to kick at least 3 goals to get a lucky draw chance.

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It’s very easy, just ensure you shoot the ball when the keeper is moving to the other edge of the net to score. You only get one chance to draw after scoring at least 3 goals and then you will either be rewarded with one of the aforementioned prizes or be asked to try later.

Like I said, you have just one time to play the penalty score game in a day, but you can increase your chances by completing some of the tasks such as sharing your own unique link to WhatsApp and following itel on tiktok and other social media.

The more trials you have, the higher your chances of winning something tangible. Someone on my group won an itel P55 device from playing the penalty score game. You too can win if you follow the instructions.

How to Redeem Your Prizes

The method of redemption is dependent on the kind of prize. For airtime vouchers, you can load it on your line immediately while for accessories or the Itel P55 series device, you would have to fill in your name, phone number and address in the form that will be shown to you in order for the prize to be shipped to your location.

If for any reason, you win a device and fail to fill the form, it will be counted as an abandonment.

When is Itel Goal Goal Power Ending?

According to the information on the campaign page, the goal goal power challenge will be coming to an end on the 29th of January, 2024.

You just have few days to try your luck, don’t take it for granted since it’s completely free and simple to do.

How to Get More Draw Chances On Itel Goal Goal

How to get more draw chances on itel goal goal

To get many draw chances, simply download and clone many mobile browsers. This way, you just copy the campaign link and open on the various browsers and shoot for a chance to win. You can clone as many as possible to increase your chances of winning.

The best time for drawing is in the midnight around 1-2am as that is the time they either refresh the prizes or something. So try around this time for a higher chance of winning.

Thanks! We’ve come to the end of this article. Will you try out the itel goal goal power challenge?

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