IVoX Panel – How to Earn Upto €15 Answering Surveys

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IVoX Panel is a legitimate survey platform that is based in Belgium. It is the widely used online panel in the country and also owned by Bilendi, a provider of digital services in the market research with offices in many countries and over 2 million panellists. Since it’s a Survey platform based in Belgium, Nigerians can utilise virtual private networks to partake in the surveys.

In this piece, I am going to walk you through on how to start earning some good money from IVoX panel, simply by answering some survey questions which are always readily available. If you are well versed in online surveys, then this should not come in different light because on IVoX, you also answer the surveys smartly to earn points which could be converted to gift cards.

Requirements For The IVoX Panel Survey Participation

  • A standard Android or iOS device with
  • Strong virtual private network (VPN) such as windscribe or IPvanish VPN.
  • Ability to read and understand.

If you have the above requirements, then you are on the way of making some passive income from being a panellist on IVoX. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to get started on IVoX panel.

How to Start Earning Money On IVoX Panel Survey Platform

IVoX panel payment proof

First of all, you need to launch your VPN and connect to either Belgium server or Germany. This is necessary as the survey is available in these countries.

After being connected, you minimise and open your browser preferably Chrome browser, this is because of the language translation feature available on Chrome by default. Open the Chrome browser and sign up Directly On IVoX Panel 

Fill the registration form easily and sign up. There is no verification whatsoever, so immediately you are done signing up, you will be able to login and then start answering surveys to earn money. New users are rewarded with 50 points by default and a profile survey to complete which will give you 303 points.

Available surveys are shown on the dashboard immediately you sign in with the total amount of points to earn and the number of minutes the survey is going to take. New surveys will be sent to your email address and you can answer directly by clicking on the link from your mailbox. It’s as simple as that.

It doesn’t just end with answering surveys, even though their surveys are constant, there is a chance that it may take longer period before you can earn your first income, but you can earn more points easily by referring.

How Does the IVoX Panel Referral Program Work?

IVoX Panel Referral Program

You get 250 points extra when you referrals answer few surveys and get Upto 150 points. This means that, referring also comes with its own rewards and based on personal experience this should be the fastest way to accumulate points. But the maximum referral for a year is 30, so once you’ve referred Upto 30 people, referrals stop counting.

How to Convert Your Points to Money On IVoX Panel

Converting points to money on IVoX panel

Currently, the only way of redeeming points on IVoX panel is through gift cards. This entails that you will be able to withdraw your points via gift card, the option to redeem your points as gift card is on the website and it takes just few seconds for the card details to arrive. For Google Play Gift Card and iTunes card, you need 2,450 points which gives €15 worth.

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IVoX panel is super legit, all it takes is smartness and ability to answer the surveys or refer active users to earn big.

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