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Do you know that you can make free money on Mara Wallet? Mara is a new crypto platform that intends to take over in Africa countries when it comes to exchange of cryptocurrency and all that pertains to it. The platform is still in the developmental stage pending when it will be fully launches but to expand the user base, there is an ongoing incentive for everyone who joins the waitlist.

The administrators of Mara Wallet set up an interesting incentive program that rewards all users with $2 (1,000) and with an opportunity to earn more if they decide to spread the good news of Mara and get other users on board with their referral link. So you don’t just earn two dollars in crypto as a welcome gift but also earn more money when you refer others to join the waitlist with your referral link. I know having explained the incentive program of Mara Wallet, you can wait to ask how legit mara is and all.

How Legit is Mara Wallet?

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Even in the world of Ponzi or hyip schemes, when they get launched initially or newly, there is no way one would be able to decipher how real or fake they may be. This is same for Mara, but as a crypto exchange platform and from my findings when I checked the website on Scam adviser, it had a good score. So there is little to no risk associated with signing up on the platform.

How to Earn Free Money On Mara Wallet?

✅ First of all, you need to sign up on the platform’s temporary website via this link – Click HERE to Sign Up On Mara Wallet 

✅ After signing up using your email address, you would be asked to download the application from either Google Playstore or App store and sign up properly. This is necessary if you really want to secure the welcome bonus and also be able to refer.

✅ Signing up on the application will complete your registration and then you will have your $2 reward and also see your number on the waitlist. Currently, the platform has over 20,000 users in Africa.

How to Earn Free Money On Mara Wallet

Mara wallet - earn upto 50,000 Naira

Like I stated earlier, you can earn upto 50,000 or even more depending on your ability to convince people to sign up and join the Mara waitlist. But before you can do this, you must first sign up, download the application to complete your registration before you can get your unique referral link and for every person you convince, you receive $1 dollar in crypto which is equivalent to 500 Naira on the app.

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Imagine referring 200 people, that means you have raked over 100,000 Naira in Crypto to be disbursed once the platform launches! That’s amazing and any money minded person should not miss it for any reason!

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