Jumaworkers Review: Is Jumaworkers Paying? (How It Works)

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Jumaworkers review

Jumaworkers is a micro-task earning platform that bridges the gap between employers and workers by bringing them closer and making it easier for the employees or workers to meet with people who need their services. What this means is, you can either be a worker or employer on jumaworkers, you either do the tasks or jobs available or start a job for others to do but you would have to pay for it. In this jumaworkers review, we will be going over the facts, the myths and all information concerning the platform for you to know if it’s good or not.

In this jumaworkers review as previously mentioned, we will go over the full information about the platform starting from the sign up process or steps to the various incentives one can earn from being a worker on the platform. The focus is on the workers not employers because most people are searching for how to earn money online and I believe you also stumbled or clicked on this article because you are looking for a source of passive income. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the business proper.

About Jumaworkers

According to the information on their about page, jumaworkers is a platform that connects employers to workers. They make the jobs or tasks created by the employers accessible to the workers; who in turn have to read the conditions or requirements for the job and complete the task or job to earn some money. It’s very similar to many popular freelancing websites or platforms you know or have heard of; let me not mention names.

Jumaworkers have been around for years now but there’s one surprising thing about them that I’ll discuss later on.

How to Earn Money On Jumaworkers

The three main ways of earning money on jumaworkers are;

1. Completing tasks or jobs assigned to you by employers. The availability of jobs or tasks is dependent on the user’s level and the percentage of satisfactorily completed tasks on his or her profile. So for your own good, ensure you read about the tasks available well before you proceed. If you fail to complete tasks or jobs too often, they may not allow you complete further jobs.

To access the available jobs, click on the three lines at the top right corner, then you tap on micro jobs or hiring jobs to see the ones available for your profile and then make your choice. The available of jobs is dependent on your location, profile level and number of jobs completed in the past.

2. Completing Offers and Paid Surveys – there is also an option to complete surveys on jumaworkers. As a matter of fact, that’s a good way to earn money without much hassles but as with all surveys, the chances you will get paid surveys or be eligible for surveys is kind of slim.

3. Referral Program – aka the Jumaworkers Affiliate program which they claim users earn up to $2 per referral. There is more to it than just sharing out your link to friends and potential referrals. Your referrals must earn up to $2 from jobs or paid surveys before you will be credited with the $2 reward.

Jumaworkers Sign Up Process

Jumaworkers Sign up process

The first step to start earning on jumaworkers is to register and you can do this by opening their main website and fill your account information such as name, email and password.

After which, you will be asked to verify email by clicking on the link sent to your registered email. When you’re done with verification, you can now login and start completing jobs or tasks. On your dashboard, you should see the available jobs. Click on any of them to complete and earn some cents.

If you want to access the full jobs, click on the lines at the top right corner and tap on micro jobs or hiring jobs, then check if there are available jobs for your profile. Continue completing the jobs you can do till you earn good money.

How to Withdraw From Jumaworkers

How to withdraw from jumaworkers

To withdraw from jumaworkers, click on the three lines at the top, then click on request for withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $6 and you also get charged 7% fees for all withdrawals through PayPal, Litecoin etc.

There are numerous withdrawal methods on jumaworkers but they all involve some level of fees and you have to hit the $6 minimum withdrawal mark.

Is jumaworkers Paying?

Now to the big question, is jumaworkers really paying? Honestly, there is no clear answer to this question and rightfully so, there has been no public withdrawal proof from jumaworkers ever since it was launched.

Imagine a platform that claims to have been online for years not having any withdrawal proof from users? That’s suspicious and may also be an indication that the platform is not legit. But we can’t say for now.

Jumaworkers Review – Is Jumaworkers Legit Or Scam?

Currently, there is no proof of jumaworkers being legit, neither is there a proof of it being scam. Like I said earlier, no public authoritative review has declared jumaworkers scam and no one has come out to say it’s legit.

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So the only way to know if jumaworkers is legit is by trying out yourself. But there are few red flags I noticed on the platform and for the purpose of this review, they are as follows;

  • Withdrawals are not instant. You have to wait for 10 days before your withdrawals can be processed. That’s a very long time and could be an indication that the platform is not legit. Manual payment is a major sign of a scam platform.
  • Jumaworkers Affiliate system is deceitful. When you check the refer and earn page, you will not know it takes more than just referring users but that the users have to earn up to $2 from tasks before you get rewarded. Hiding the true information from users is a sign of a potential dubious platform.

We’ve come to the end of this jumaworkers review! Feel free to share this article to friends and join our telegram channel and WhatsApp group for more updates.


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