Jumia Tech Week: Get Amazing Gifts And Vouchers

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Jumia sign in and win offer

Hooray! The awaited Jumia tech week is upon us and we stand a chance of winning amazing gifts, purchasing tech products at cheap prices and also winning Jumia Vouchers worth 1000, 2,500 and much more.

I guess many of us already know what the Jumia Tech week is about; but if you don’t, I will break it down before we get down to the main reason for writing this article. The Jumia tech week as the name implies is basically for tech products; Jumia has provided users with the opportunity to purchase tech products at giveaway prices. Now, a power bank that’s sold for 17k, can be purchased with just 7k!

But that’s not all we, the freebie club stand to gain from the Jumia tech week, you can also win Jumia Vouchers from just doing simple things on the Jumia application or official website, but you need to first create an account on Jumia. If you already have an account, then all you have to do is download Jumia App not Jumia Pay App from Google Playstore.

How To Win Amazing Gifts And Jumia Vouchers

Download Jumia Main Application from Google Playstore or Apple Store

Then you launch the app and select the profile section, sign in with your email and password. You will now be shown the main interface, just click on Jumia Games

Jumia tech week offers

When you click on Jumia Games, on the next page that will be shown to you, there are several games or things you can do to stand a chance of winning Jumia vouchers worth even 20,000. You will see a game, a basic game that we often play as kids, just play it to a good level and you’d be given Jumia voucher, you can also stick to the sign in everyday for 7 days offer.

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If you are able to sign in consecutively for 7 days, you will be rewarded handsomely on the seventh day. But just make sure you sign in every single day because if you miss any day, kiss goodbye to the offer. Jumia also set up a prediction game(JUMDLE) if you are able to predict tech words that contain six letters correctly, they will reward you with 20,000 Jumia Voucher. Below is a screenshot

Jumia games

Jumia JUMDLE game

So that’s how to win amazing gifts and vouchers in the ongoing Jumia Tech week if you don’t have plans to purchase any of the products with discounted prices. Thanks, share to others for more.


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