Karaads App Review – Earn From Viewing Ads Daily

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Karaads app review

Karaads is a mobile application available for android users that provides users with the opportunity to earn passive income from their phones by simply viewing ads daily. Karaads app is not the first to come up with such technology as we’ve seen many other apps that claim to have such incentive for users. In this karaads app review, we will be looking into the various features of this app and our thoughts on whether or not one should register.

In this article as already stated, we will be having a look at some details about the karaads application to understand better how the app works starting from how to create an account to how you can make money and everything about the app in totality. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

About Karaads App

Karaads as the name implies is a mobile app that rewards users with some money when they view adverts especially Google ads. It’s more like a PTC app where you view ads to earn some money that can be withdrawn directly to one’s local bank account. Like I said earlier, it’s not the first of its kind as I’ve seen many other apps with similar offering.

Practically, you view their ads to earn some money and in the process they also earn from your ad impression. It’s just for hunting ad impressions and to be honest, apps like karaads are not really in line with Google policies and sooner rather than later, they will stop paying users.

How to Create An Account On Karaads to Start Viewing Ads

Firstly, you need to download the app from Google Play store. After downloading, proceed to fill the sign up form.

There is no verification process, so immediately you’re done filling the form, you will be taken to the login page requesting your phone number and password.  Enter these details and login to your account then you will see an option to view Google ads.

That’s how the earning process starts, just click on the Google ads and after 30 seconds of viewing the ads you get credited with 2 naira. Continue this way till you earn something tangible i.e. if that is even going to be possible because we have to keep being optimistic at all times.

Karaads App Referral Program

How to get Karaads referral code

You earn 20 naira for every referral you invite to download and start viewing ads. So it’s a great way to boost your revenue slightly if you are interested in the package. If you want to get your referral link, simply click on settings > then on referral code, copy the link and code and share to friends.

Karaads Review – Is Karaads App Legit Or Scam?

Karaads app is legit at the moment but this answer is not foolproof and it’s subject to your experiences while using the mobile app. Personally, after registering on the app, I discovered alot of red flags and factors that should discourage an average user from signing up or even giving the app a shot regardless of it being legit.

Some of the red flags I noticed about Karaads and must talk about in this karaads app review are as follows;

  • Karaads is just an app created for the purpose of getting users to view ads In order for them to earn. Apps like this don’t last so long because, sooner or later Google discovers they are in violation of their terms and conditions and terminates their ad revenue source. This means that it can cease to pay anytime because Google can always ban publishers at anytime.
  • The earning rate is extremely low. Imagine that some weeks ago, karaads was paying users 5 naira for every 30 seconds advert viewed but this was further reviewed downwards. Users now earn 2 naira for every 30 seconds ad viewed. Imagine how many ads you would have to view in a day or even a month to earn something tangible enough for withdrawal? I see this as the highest red flag, a venture or activity is considered profitable when the input is less than the output but going from karaads reward system, the input or data purchased for viewing ads will always be higher than the revenue earned.
  • The minimum withdrawal is high considering how low or poor the earnings are. We will talk about the high minimum withdrawal later in this article.
  • There is no in-app support system. When you click on the Get Help option, it takes you to their already filled WhatsApp group thus making it impossible for you to get across to the owner or support reps should you have any issue or encounter any problems.

Karaads Minimum Withdrawal

Karaads app minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is 1,000 naira. If you are going to stick to the ad viewing revenue, it will take a very long time before you earn up to the minimum withdrawal. Imagine how many 2 nairas you need to earn to hit 1,000 naira.

So it’s another joke about Karaads and a major red flag to look out for. If you can’t be that patient, then there is absolutely no point signing up on the website.

We’ve come to the end of this karaads app review! Is Karaads legit or scam from your own assessment and is it worth the stress? Let me know in the comment section and endeavour to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates.

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  1. I think you’re right but considering how they’re so easy while signing up I think that route is a bit more profitable i.e self refer. Comparing to the petty 2 naira for the ads, and for the withdrawal I think they’ve stop paying out

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