Kelp Finance Review: Is Kelp Finance Legit? (Full Details)

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Kelp Finance Review

Kelp Finance is a finance application that autonomously manages investment portfolio of users. Since we are in the age of digital currencies, there is a growing need for an application that can manage users digital assets as well as grow their income passively; kelp finance claims to be the perfect platform for this and they are also giving away free kelp tokens as reserve to users thus the need for this kelp finance review to fully break down all there is to know about the platform.

In this kelp finance review, we will be having a look at all there is to know about this finance platform as well as looking into the aspect of whether it is legitimate or not by looking at the credibility of the founder’s profile (if any) and what the vision of the app is to help users know if it’s worth the time and effort or not. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive straight into the essence of writing this article.

What is Kelp Finance?

Kelp Finance like I said is a finance application that autonomously manages investment portfolios. According to the information on the official website, the aim is for kelp finance to serve as both a secure, self custody web3 wallet and also a virtual marketing engine to help grow kelp’s user base for their public launch.

So the current version of the kelp finance app we have at the moment doesn’t seem to be the public version we are all expecting. But it is significant because you can actually secure free kelp tokens in the reserve balance pending the launch of the app which is pretty close. As an early adopter of the kelp finance app, you get to bag free kelp tokens which will be of significant importance and use when the app gets launched eventually.

Kelp Finance Sign Up Process

To sign up on kelp finance, simply download the application from either Play store or Apple store. After downloading, launch the app, sign up with your details and then you will be asked to paste a ref link in the process of sign up, simply copy this – and paste.

Then you will be logged into the main dashboard with a number of tasks to complete such as following the kelp finance telegram group, x profile, joining their email list, up voting their post on Reddit etc.

For each task, there are a number of a kelp tokens to be gotten, so endeavour to complete the tasks and then relax and wait for the public launch of kelp finance. Is there a date for the launch of kelp finance? We will answer that question in this article.

How to Get More Kelp Tokens

How to get more kelp tokens

Immediately after registering and completing the tasks on your dashboard, you can either log off and wait for the public launch or you start referring new users to the app.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go for the former because most fintech and crypto related projects often reward users who not only secure the basic welcome bonus but also refer people because large community is one of the major contributors to a Platform’s success. To get your referral link, simply click on tasks then  generate referral link option on your dashboard and then share to friends and family members for a chance to get more kelp tokens and higher possibility of being handsomely rewarded when it launches.

When is Kelp Finance Launching?

Kelp listed on coinmarketcap

According to the information on their official X page, the kelp finance public launch is possibly happening on the 20th of February, less than 5 days from today. Meaning you still have a chance to secure some kelp tokens pending when it goes live.

As a matter of fact, kelp has been listed on coinmarketcap, a very good indication or pointer to it’s possible legitimacy. If you have not yet signed up on kelp finance therefore, make it a point of duty to create an account and complete the tasks because it’s always better not to miss something that could turn out to be major.

What is Kelp Token Price?

Currently the kelp token has no fixed price but this is just temporary, were expecting a change soonest; maybe on the 20th of February, 2024. So if you’re searching for the price, relax till this date to know our fate as in (people taking it seriously, lol)

Kelp Finance Review – Is Kelp Finance Legit Or Scam?

Well, from some indications kelp finance could be legit. One of indications being that, the token has been listed on coinmarketcap. Actually this is a major indication of it’s potential legitimacy.

Additionally, the kelp finance app has two known founders namely, Edward Bishop and Rakshit Kumar. These two are the main founders and their profiles and their previous platforms are listed and mentioned on crunchbase. This is a very good sign for people who are interested in the project as platforms with known owners often outperform faceless projects.

Kelp Finance is also headquartered in Vancouver, Alberta, Canada. These are strong points that are often taken seriously while discussing whether a fintech is legit or scam and in this kelp finance review, I thought it wise to look up those little information as they will help bring about a conclusion as to whether kelp is legit or scam.

That’s all for this kelp finance review! If you enjoyed the article and would love to read more, join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.


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