KMPlayer: Play Music & Videos And Earn Upto 1.6 USD Daily

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Kmplayer moviebloc payment proof

KMPlex is a reward system put in place by Kmplayer to enable users earn money when they do the simple things they do on a daily basis such as playing songs and watching videos on their devices. If you are the type of person that wishes to earn some money for doing the common things you do on a daily basis free, then I would suggest you take the KMPlex offer seriously.

In this post, we are going to have a look at how you can earn upto 1.6 USD daily by listening to music, watching videos on YouTube and completing other simple tasks every day. But before we get down to the main point of writing this post, there is need to know more about the Kmplayer and the interesting features the app can provide to users.

What is Kmplayer?

KMPlayer is a perfect media player that can play all forms of high resolution videos, music, and subtitle files. You also enjoy flawless playback, enjoy the rich features of the player including quick button, bookmark, subtitle settings, and play speed settings!

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It is a normal media player application that works in similar way as many other media apps you have probably used. The only distinctive feature of Kmplayer is that, you get to earn some money while doing the same thing you do for free on the other media players. Below are some of the features of Kmplayer including the KMPlex reward system.

Features of KMPlayer App

  • · Bookmark: Add bookmark to the time points to playback any sections you wish to cherish
  • · Control Color: Change brightness, light intensity, hue, saturation, and gamma information
  • · Expand & Contract: Expand & contract the video screen being played
  • · Section Repeat: Repeatedly play a section from point A to point B
  • · Quick button: Quickly set the player options
  • · Equalizer: Save separate equalizers for music & video
  • · Subtitle Settings: Change color, size, and position of subtitles
  • · Chromecast Support : Watch video on TV using Chromecast
  • · URL Playing: Enter URL to play any videos on the web (streaming)
  • · Network: Supports FTP, UPNP, SMB, WebDav
  • · Cloud: Supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk

How to Earn Free Moviebloc token Daily From KMPlex

KMPlayer KMPlex payment proof

KMPlex is a point rewards system that gives users the opportunity to earn some points that can be withdrawn to a crypto wallet. You earn points when you listen to music in your file manager and also when you watch videos and then convert the points to moviebloc tokens.

List of Tasks That Give Money On Kmplayer App

Kmplayer - complete tasks and make money

  1. Playing a YouTube video for some minutes. The interesting aspect is that, you watch any YouTube video of your choice in the app to earn the points. It’s not like you are being coerced to stream a particular video.
  2. You earn some points when you listen to music or play videos that are already stored on your device. The app is a media player, so you earn more points when you utilize it while watching and playing music on your device.
  3. You can also earn more points when you stream ads. This is optional, it’s not like other apps that would suffocate users with adverts before the users can even earn a cent. On Kmplayer, you earn money by watching few ads if you wish.

How to Start Earning Money On Kmplayer’s KMPlex Service

  • Download Kmplayer Application from either Google Playstore or Apple store or iOS devices.
  • Sign up with either your Google account or any social media account and then create a wallet on Kmplayer. After creating a wallet, click on the KMPlex tab showing on the dashboard and locate the play and earn and then start accumulating points by watching videos on your device or listening to music.
  • You earn thousands of points when you complete the tasks, immediately after registering, you will be given 100,000 points and the minimum withdrawal is 240,000 points (40,000 being the charge) and you receive moviebloc token which has little value for now but still worth it.

How to Withdraw Your Points On Kmplayer App

How to withdraw KMPlex points

Once you have gotten up to 240,000 KMPlex points, the next step is to convert it to moviebloc token. You can do this by clicking on “use points” and then select moviebloc token on the next page, enter the amount and then paste your MBL address (moviebloc address).

How to convert points to mbl tokens on Kmplayer App

You can get the MBL address from Binance. If you don’t have a Binance account, go and create one. This is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income daily. Reason being that you don’t put extra effort, just repeat the same things you do on a daily basis for a chance to earn money.


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