Koins App: How to Earn N500 & Up to N10k Weekly

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Koins app referral bonus

Koins is an payment application that is being powered by primera; a micro finance bank in Nigeria and on the app, you can make certain payments, save money and obtain loans without collateral. The added advantage is that, you can now earn free money from the Koins app and in this piece we are going to be finding out all there is to it.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how you can earn 500 naira to 10,000 naira free of charge on a weekly basis on the Koins application. Before we get down to the main point of writing this piece, let me walk you down all there is to know about Koins app and why you should not be worried incase you are asked to submit any sensitive information on the app while registering.

About Koins App

Koins is a digital banking application that allows the customers reach their financial goals. It is banking app from primera microfinance bank – a fully licensed financial institution that is even being regulated by the CBN with deposits in the bank insured by the NDIC.

This means that, using Koins app is completely safe and all information entered and deposits into the app are secured and safe. You have absolutely nothing to worry about while using the Koins app. Below are some of the interesting features and benefits you stand to derive by using Koins;

  1. Koins allows you to reach financial goals by providing you with an opportunity to save money easily with an automatic goal savings feature for any milestone of your choice.
  2. Daily earning feature with attractive interest rate is another distinctive feature you stand to enjoy by using Koins to save money. Besides the fact that the platform is fully licensed and insured you also enjoy bonuses on your savings and this bonus is credited on a daily basis.
  3. Koins provides a simple and convenient way of banking for users. I mean instead of queueing up in banking halls on a regular basis just to obtain account opening form, you can open a standard account via Koins with some few details and your bank verification number.
  4. On Koins, you get to save, invest and grow your savings on a daily basis.

Apart from the known features of Koins, there is another added benefit and that is the main reason why this article was written. What is the benefit? The referral program and it’s simplicity and attractiveness.

How Does Koins Referral Program Work?

Koins app referral code

Koins offers an interesting referral bonus for her users who would like to refer more users to the app. If you refer one person, you get to earn a whopping 500 naira when the person completes a very simple task; which is depositing 1,000 naira into his or her account and leaving the deposit for at least 15 days.

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In essence, Koins is trying to be sure you are referring real users who would after the 15 days decide whether or not to continue using Koins having seen the way interest on savings work and all. So for you to earn N500 and above, all you are required to do is refer users to the app and ensure they fund their wallets with just 1,000 naira and leave it for 2 weeks for your 500 naira bonus for each referral to be released.

How to Get Started On Koins App to Start Earning

Koins App free 500 Naira referral bonus

  • Download Koins App from either google Play store or Apple Store depending on your device OS and sign up.
  • While signing up, if you are asked to enter the code of the person that referred you to the app, simply paste this number – 07062200896
  • After signing up, you will have to verify your account further with BVN and other IDs.
  • The next step would be to fund your wallet with at least 1,000 naira which will be used to create a savings goal for 15 days. It’s quite self explanatory, just click on savings and create a goal, enter amount and leave it for the stated number of days.
  • Then you will see the referral banner, click on It, copy your referral code or link and start spreading to loved ones for an opportunity to earn money.

That’s all! For each user that signs up via your referral link or with your code, you earn 500 naira as long as he or she signed up and completed the aforementioned task.

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