Kokapay App Review: Is Kokapay Legit Or Scam?

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Kokapay app review

Kokapay is an freelance website where users complete certain tasks for clients and get financial remuneration. The kokapay idea is not new in the market, as we have seen numerous applications and websites get launched on a daily basis with same arrangement and structure. But is kokapay legit or scam? In this kokapay app review, we will go over certain facts about the app and whether it should be trusted or not.

In this review of kokapay, there are certain things you should be expecting and they include, an overall understanding of what kokapay app is about, the various ways of earning on the kokapay app, how and where to download kokapay and then my own personal view of the app and what it stands for which serves as a form of critique to enable people who have intentions to sign up take a decisive step whether to proceed or decline.

About Kokapay App

Kokapay is an online freelance job website where you perform some activities such as liking social media posts, sharing, reviewing etc to earn some money on a daily basis. What this means is that, kokapay is an app where people seeking more viewership, shares or engagements on their social media publications can register and pay for it to be done by ordinary members of the app whose aim is to earn passive income daily.

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This is a good arrangement and plan but as a person looking for some passive income online, is kokapay really the best platform for you to seek this? We will talk about that later, for now let’s focus on the various ways of earning on kokapay and how to get started in case you end up being interested.

Ways of Earning On Kokapay App

How to earn on kokapay app

  • You earn by sharing social media posts made by the clients who make payment to the kokapay administrators and seeking more shares.
  • You earn when you engage on social media posts as well such as commenting, liking and reposting. The payment is usually fixed for all interested users. What this means is, you earn money by doing the things you do for free on other popular social media.
  • You earn by referring active members to the kokapay app. They have an interesting referral program that seems to be a bait to lure in users at the moment but we will talk about that in details later.

How to Create An Account

Since it’s an application, you need to download the Kokapay app from Play store and sign up with your details.

When it comes to the sign up process, it’s relatively smooth, the only hitch you may encounter is the otp verification that is sent to the email address used in registering. After which, your new account will be set and ready for use.

As a user, you can either opt for earning money on the platform or you go for social media boost i.e. if you have a Facebook or social media publication that you would need more engagements on. The payment depends on how many likes, shares and comments you want on the said post.

Having seen an overview of how kokapay works and how you can create an account, let’s get down to finding out my reservations about the platform(which is actually what the kokapay app review is all about)

Kokapay App Review – Is Kokapay Legit Or Scam?

At the moment, there is no proof that kokapay is legit. Neither is there a proof that the platform is fake or scam. I stumbled upon their advertisement on Facebook and decided to check them out being one of the individuals with a very serious desire for online passive income.

But there are some red flags about Kokapay you should know in case you want to proceed with giving them a trial.

The first red flag being that, kokapay is a paid application. Upon sign up and login to your account, you will be greeted with the “become a member” notification which means you have to pay 1,900 naira to become a member.

It’s not even optional, the payment is compulsory if you have plans to earn on the kokapay app. While this might seems like a perfect idea to the owner or administrators, it’s actually a red flag considering that the app is still very new with no payment proof available on the Internet.

No one would like to deposit 1,900 naira instantly on a new application he or she hasn’t heard any thing wonderful about. That’s a red flag to normal users and a flaw on the part of the developer. This article is for the potential users, so you may have to rethink before proceeding to avoid losing your money.

Secondly, kokapay referral program sells it off as a ponzi scheme. When you refer someone to the app after becoming a member, you earn 1,000 naira bonus instantly according to the information on the website and 30% of the money spent by users who pay for social media boost.

The referral programs seems to be a bait like I stated earlier to lure in many top referrers into promoting an uncertain and very new platform to their audience and friends with the platform making no concrete plans on being sustainable. It’s a red flag, you should beware of.

Kokapay Green Flags

Kokapay green flags

On the flip side, there are some green flags that and mentioning only the bad side will make this a one-sided kokapay app review.

One of the green flags is that, there is an in-app live chat support which makes things easier for users who may be encountering difficulties. It’s a plus on the part of the developers.

Secondly the owner is very much active on telegram and there’s a telegram group available for the platform to guide new users into possibly earning money from the platform in the long run. So when it comes to judging the platform based on indications, I’d say you should apply caution even if you want to participate.

Thanks, we’ve come to the end of the kokapay app review! If you enjoyed it and would like to read similar online money making app reviews, do well to join our telegram channel and WhatsApp group.

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