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Kuda free Money Making

Kuda: Earn 1,000 Naira And As Much As 10,000 Naira Free

Kuda Bank

Kuda recently launched an interesting referral program everyone can leverage on to earn free money ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 Naira. All it takes is convince people to download the Kuda Bank app, register, verify their accounts and you get paid 1,000 per person that registers with your unique referral code.

This interesting referral incentive was launched as part of the Application’s plan to expand their user base and also get new users. But as we all know, referring can be a tasking work because people don’t like doing things that won’t be rewarding to them as well. So Kuda decided to set up a registration bonus of equal amount to make the work easier for everyone. So in today’s article basically, I am going to be showing you how to earn instant 1,000 Naira and also earn even more as long as you can refer others.

How to Earn Free Money From Kuda Banking Application

First of all, download Kuda Application From Google Playstore

Secondly, sign up on Kuda with your original details and also preferably the phone number linked to your BVN

In the registration form, you will be asked if you were referred by someone, click on it and enter RuhBRKcU as the referral code in order for you to qualify for the 1,000 Naira welcome bonus.

After the first registration, login to the app and verify your identity by linking your BVN, this is actually very necessary if you want to get the bonus. It takes few minutes to do this and then you proceed to the last step; which is to upload a means of identification.

Kuda Bank ID verification

There are usually numerous options but the best as long as I am concerned is the NIN slip option and also the voter’s card option. You can go with anyone you like. Then after verification you wait for approval.

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When your account gets approved, you will be upgraded to tier 3, which qualifies you to get the welcome bonus and also be able to refer others to make unlimited income.

However, there is little work to do before you qualify for the welcome bonus, according to Kuda, you have to fund your wallet and use it to buy airtime of at least N500 and then after 24 hours you get credited with 1,000 Naira.

How to Earn Unlimitedly On Kuda Application

Kuda free Money Making

All you have to do is navigate to your referral list and then copy your referral code. Ensure anyone you convince, uses your unique referral code while registering to get the free 1,000 Naira per person. The person also gets rewarded with 1,000 welcome bonus.

Thanks! Happy earning

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