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Stark VPN import settings

Latest MTN Browsing Cheat Via Stark VPN

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via Stark VPN Reloaded

Here comes the latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via Stark VPN Reloaded for the month of March 2022. The good thing is that, it requires little to no set up and since we all have been using Stark VPN Reloaded to power tweaks, running this cheat won’t take even a second for you to get on the internet and start rocking.

In today’s article as already stated, we are going to have a look at the new MTN free browsing cheat that can be Powered with the Stark VPN Reloaded version. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to start rocking the cheat.

How To Activate MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via Stark VPN

First of all you need to download Stark VPN Reloaded since it’s the VPN that we are going to use to power the free browsing cheat. Download

Secondly, you download the free browsing cheat config file. As we all know, stark VPN cheats require users to download configuration files. So you can just click HERE to download the config files needed to power this current MTN Cheat directly from our telegram Channel.

Stark VPN import settings

Thirdly, launch the Stark VPN, click on the lines showing at the top left corner and you will see a list of options, simply select Import Settings and then select the directory where the downloaded config files were stored and tap on each of them to import.

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Once you have imported the file, you turn on your data connection and start the connection. It takes just few minutes for the VPN to get connected and then you start surfing the web with the latest MTN cheat config files. It comes in two config files, so once you have exhausted the data cap for the first config, you import the second one to continue enjoying and doing basic things on the internet.

Note: the config files are capped at 50mb each which makes the tweak cumulatively 100mb. Enjoy and endeavour to share to your friends.

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