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Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via Tunnel Tweak VPN

MTN latest browsing cheat

Here comes the latest MTN free browsing cheat via Tunnel Tweak VPN for people who need to be on the internet daily. Ever since we stepped into the new year, we have not really enjoyed any network free browsing cheat but today, we’ll be unveiling the new MTN cheat that will probably serve everyone who needs to do basic things online till a more sophisticated cheat shows up.

In today’s article as already stated, we are going to learn about the new MTN free browsing cheat via Tunnel Tweak VPN, so without wasting much of your time as well as mine, we are going to be breaking down the full update below.

How To Activate MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Via Tunnel Tweak VPN For 2022

1. Download Tunnel Tweak VPN From HERE. If you already have the VPN, you can still update it using the link.

2. Secondly, download the MTN free browsing configuration file for the tunnel tweak VPN from HERE.

When you have these two things, what you need next is simply click the three dots at the top right corner, select import and select the directory where you stored the config file downloaded from the link above. Once located, tap on it and it will be imported into the tunnel tweak VPN.

How to import file on Tunnel Tweak VPN

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That’s all, just click on the server options and select Custom, then start turn on your data connection and start the VPN.

Note: It’s capped at 100mb daily, so once you use up the allotted data for the day, just wait till the next day to continue browsing. Like I said, it’s for basic activities and not for people who intend to download the whole world.

Thanks, share to others who may want to rock the latest MTN free browsing cheat for 2022.

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