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Latest NTEL Unlimited Browsing Cheat Via Tunnel Tweak VPN

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Do you know that it’s possible to enjoy unlimited Browsing with your NTEL sim? NTEL is a data network that is available in some states in Nigeria like Rivers State, Lagos and some other parts of the country but sadly, they don’t have coverage in certain states. The good news is that, you can browse unlimitedly with your NTEL sim, as long as you have an Android phone and the necessary VPN.

In today’s article, we are going to have a look at how to activate the NTEL Unlimited Browsing Cheat via Tunnel Tweak VPN. So if you have NTEL sim and want to surf for free, just follow the instructions on this blog post.

How to Activate NTEL Unlimited Browsing Cheat Via Tunnel Tweak

First of all, you need to download Tunnel Tweak VPN from our Telegram Channel if you don’t have it already. But if you do, switch on your data and refresh the tweaks after which, you select NTEL Unlimited.

NTEL Unlimited Browsing cheat

After selecting the NTEL Unlimited Browsing Cheat, tap on the start button, wait for some minutes for the tweak to get connected and start browsing Unlimitedly with your NTEL sim.

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This is a very simple tweak, everything has been made easy by the Tut team, so just launch the Tunnel tweak, refresh servers and select your desired tweak and start browsing unlimitedly. NTEL Unlimited Browsing cheat is very fast when powered using the VPN, coupled with the fact that the network is strictly a 4G network! You have everything to gain, so don’t miss out, insert your sim now and start browsing freely.

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