Legitcash Review: Is Legitcash.ng Another Scam? Find Out

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Legitcash review

Legitcash is a newly launched online earning website that’s currently rewarding new users with free 1,500 naira which they can neither withdraw nor use in completing tasks. The free bonus is typical of websites like legitcash.ng; I often prefer to call the bonus a form of enticement for users to take the platform seriously and also to lure in more people. Since legitcash.ng claims to be a free money making website, you know it’s traditional for us to have a legitcash review to help dig deeper into what the website is about.

At the end of this legitcash review, our goal or primary achievement would be to prove beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubt that legitcash.ng is either a legit earning website or a scam. Incase you are looking for ways of earning money or have seen numerous earning websites being advertised by people, I’d advise you to check the review section of our website to see if the platform you want to join is legit or scam and even if it’s legit; you get to find out the red and green flags.

In order not to bore you with much text, let’s get down to the business of today, which is to break down all aspects of legitcash.ng in the bid to confirm it’s legitimacy or reveal the indications that it could be scam.

About Legitcash.ng

Legitcash is a get-paid-to website that rewards users with monetary benefits when they complete some tasks such as viewing adverts, clicking on ads, sharing sponsored posts to your social media handles and also reading articles and commenting on the articles read. There are numerous means of earning on legitcash.ng.

Due to the various ways of earning money and their claim that a user can earn up to 3,500 naira per day on the website, one may wonder where they intend generating such money from.

Ways of Earning Money On Legitcash

How to earn on legitcash.ng

There are many ways of earning on Legitcash and they are as follows;

  • Social post – share sponsored posts to your social media handle or profile and earn 400 naira.
  • Click2E otherwise known as click to earn which entails clicking on adverts to earn money. You can earn up to 3,000 naira from just clicking on all 15 links per day.
  • Watch adverts as well to earn up to 3,000 naira as there are 15 adverts to watch in a day which is primarily your choice to either complete or just view the ones you can.
  • Read and comment on news. Reading a news on their website to the end will fetch you 30 naira and earn additional bonus when you comment on the posts.
  • Referring new users to legitcash.ng also fetches you additional revenue. You can make up to 400 naira from each referral gotten or each person who signs up with your referral link. This is perhaps the fastest way to accumulate some “money” on legitcash.

How to Create Legitcash Account

As we all know, for you to start earning money on legitcash, you have to create an account. This can be done using the link attached and then you fill your details and bank account details which you will be using to withdraw money whenever you hit minimum threshold.

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When you are done creating the account, the next step would be to start completing tasks. Not to forget, you will be given free 1,500 naira upon sign up and then to complete tasks on legitcash.ng, click on the three lines at the top right corner and select any of the options ranging from click2earn, watch advert, read and comment etc to start earning money..

I believe I have given a breakdown of the earning structure above, so theres no point discussing it here again, let’s start diving deeper into what this legitcash review aims to achieve.

How to Withdraw

How to Withdraw from legitcash.ng

Once you have earned up to 18,000 naira, click on withdraw funds on your dashboard or tap on the three lines, select withdraw funds, enter amount and submit.

There are two pay out dates; 5th and 18th of the month, so what it means is, you have to wait till next month before you can attempt withdrawal.

Legitcash review – Is Legitcash.ng Legit or Scam?

Now here comes to very important question as long as this legitcash.ng review is concerned. People who are about registering on the website may be concerned about the legitimacy of the website so they know what they are getting into.

From my own personal experience with online task earning websites especially free ones, Legitcash is not legit. This sounds so much like a word play considering the legit in legitcash but it doesn’t change the fact that from all indications the platform is a waste of time.

I may not use the word scam because no money is required from users to start, but since people will be expending time and data on the website there is still need to call a spade, a spade. I didn’t just reach this conclusion without careful analysis, below are some of the red flags.

Red Flags

  • High minimum withdrawal threshold, you can withdraw once you’ve earned up to 18,000 naira.
  • Fixed withdrawal dates (5th and 18th) this is very common amongst websites like this that end up wasting people’s time and efforts.
  • Poorly arranged website with loads of pop up adverts that can easily disrupt and take users away from the main content of the website.
  • High earning potential, imagine earning up to 3,500 per day for free on a website you didn’t invest a dime into? That’s crazy and very unrealistic to say the least.

Having looked at all these important factors, it is safe to say we’ve come to the end of this legitcash review. If you enjoyed it and would like to read similar articles, feel free to join our telegram channel and WhatsApp group.

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