Likesharing Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

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Likesharing review

Likesharing is an online platform that rewards users with extra cash rewards when they complete some tasks such as viewing videos on Snapchat, YouTube and liking the videos. The name implies, the main task on the likesharing platform is liking of the videos shown to you and the administrators claim one can actually register and earn without depositing.

So in this likesharing review, we will be finding out all there is to know about, whether the platform is legit or scam as well the earning methods or how to earn on likesharing and lastly, also find out if it is feasible to earn money on likesharing. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to business of the day.

About Likesharing is a platform that rewards users with usdt rewards for completing tasks daily. Likesharing is an online platform and it involves deposits from the users or people who are interested in making money on the site but if you don’t have money to deposit, you’re also welcome as long as you will diligently complete the tasks.

Likesharing was launched barely two weeks ago and started trending this week when people confirmed from the support rep that withdrawals can be made without deposits but the bone of Contention however is, how legit is Likesharing?

Likesharing Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Likesharing has not paid anyone I know of neither have I seen any payment proof flying about. There is a possibility that Likesharing is a scam platform because it ticks all the boxes and has similarities with platforms that have been confirmed to be fraudulent in the past.

Why did I say so? Likesharing claims to be a partner of Snapchat and YouTube thus compelling users to like and view videos on the platforms but there is no official publication from either of the platforms confirming this claim. So it is obviously false and fabricated by the Likesharing team to walay unsuspecting and ignorant individuals. Likesharing is not a partner of Snapchat or YouTube in any way, it’s no different from the everyday Ponzi platforms that get created by random scammers on a daily basis.

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While it is possible to earn some money from these online platforms, it is important to set the records straight and say it is as it is. Likesharing could be a scam platform because there are other red flags and they are as follows;

1. Likesharing doesn’t have a known owner. The owner(s) hid his or her Identity from the public in the bid to prevent people from tracking him or her down should things go wrong in the future which is almost certain. Platforms like Likesharing don’t even last for up to a month before they run out of funds to rotate between users or close the website.

2. Likesharing recently reviewed their minimum withdrawal and increased it from $10 usdt to $25 usdt and it’s been confirmed that higher minimum withdrawal is a common sign of a fraudulent platform. There is no way for you to reach the minimum withdrawal in record time before the platform crashes.

Higher minimum withdrawal means the owners just wants you to waste time on the platform if you don’t want or have money to deposit and even if you deposit, the chances of reaching minimum withdrawal before the platform crashes will be very low.

So should you register or deposit money on Likesharing? I would advise you not to for the reasons stated above. But It’s just an advice and not a command, if you still wish to proceed after reading all I’ve written then keep reading the article.

How to Create An Account On

Firstly, head to your browser and open the likesharing website. There you will see an option to create an account. Fill the form and when logged in, enter your WhatsApp number. I think it’s a policy set up by the administrators to ensure users don’t come in or open fake accounts. tasks

After creating an account, click on Hall, locate the tasks that involve no deposit. Upon registration, you will be given free $10 usdt, the bonus cannot be withdrawn it’s just a test bonus given to users to enable them complete the free tasks.

Click on the free tasks and complete them, screenshot the video after liking and upload on likesharing task page to complete the task. Each task will give you free $0.3 usdt and you’re to complete 5 tasks totalling $1.5 on a daily basis.

Now here’s why I said, the platform intentionally raised minimum withdrawal to $25, when you complete tasks daily, you earn $1.5, it will take you about 17 days to earn the complete $25 and there’s a huge chance that Likesharing won’t even last for up to a week from now. So it’s a ploy to make you waste time

Likesharing Referral Program

As a referrer, you earn 50% of the task commissions from your referrals. There are three levels of referral commissions starting from 1-3 and you earn 50% from all their task commissions daily.

Now this is another red flag that shows the platform cannot last. It’s just a fraud. How can they promise to pay out 50% from all your referral’s task commissions up to the third level?! That’s highly unattainable, it’s just put there to make people encourage friends and family to throw away their money by depositing.

Minimum Withdrawal and How to Withdraw From Likesharing

Likesharing minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal as previously stated is $25 and if you want to withdraw, just click on wallet > and add your withdrawal address, you can either submit your usdt trc20 address or your erc20 address. Submit and then click on the withdraw button, you will be taken to a page to set up transaction password, complete that and then place withdrawal.

We’ve come to the end of this likesharing review! From what you just read, do you think is legit or a scam platform? Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section, I’ll be going through the comments.

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