Lock Watch: Get Image & Location Of Someone Who Steals Your Phone

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Lock watch thief Finder app

Are you aware that you can now get the image and location of someone who steals your phone or attempts to intrude? The ability to track your device when it’s stolen is one interesting feature that comes with most iOS devices like iPhone etc but due to the advancements in application development, programmers have also been able to come up with something similar for Android devices.

If you believe someone has been trying to enter your password or unlock your phone for whatever reason and if someone actually steals your phone and attempts to unlock it, then there is something you can do to unveil the person’s real identity in order to know how to track him or her for the recovery of your device. In this article we are going to be having a look at how to get the image and location of someone who steals your phone.

Why is Getting The Image And Location Of An Intruder Important?

Depending on how important the device and the information in it, having the person’s image and location is key when it comes to whether you would be able to recover the device or not. If you are also staying in a place where you believe someone is attempting to access your device when you are unavailable or asleep, this information is super important.

Being able to get image and location of someone who tries to steal your device can be possible using an app know as Lock Watch – Thief Finder”. Before we get down to how you can get it done, I will briefly introduce the application and how it works.

About Lock Watch – Thief Finder App

How to get image of phone thief using lock watch

Lock Watch thief Finder is a mobile application that helps users locate and recover their stolen or lost device. The app is a clever app that secretly takes a photo using the front facing camera when someone enters an incorrect code on your phone.

When it takes the selfie of the person, it emails you a picture of the intruder along with their GPS location, without them knowing. Lock watch uses android’s built in lock screen and has a small app size running only when an incorrect code is entered either once, twice or thrice depending on your setting or preference.

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There is a free and paid version of the lock watch app and the premium offers additional features such as ability to attach multiple photos and audio clips to the email, email notifications when a new sim card is inserted into the device or when the phone is turned on. All these and more are available when you upgrade incase you’re enjoying the services so much and would like to have more. Since discussing the premium version is not part of what this content intends to cover, I would like to proceed to showing you how to set it up on your device to avoid intruders.

How to Set Up Lock Watch – Thief Finder App to Get Images & Location Of Phone Thieves

How to set up lock watch thief Finder app

  • First of, you need to download lock watch thief Finder application directly from Google Play store. 
  • It requires very little set up, all you have to do is grant the application device administrator access. This is a sensitive permission that is granted to ensure the app is well grounded in your device and can’t be easily uninstalled.
  • When you grant it device administration access, enter your email address and toggle the switch to enable the app send you emails when someone attempts to unlock your device.
  • While setting it up, you can either go for email alerts when there is a single wrong password entry. It all depends on your preferences.

After setting it up, you sit back and enjoy the service. The app is never running until someone enters a wrong password on your device. Thanks, share and feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more updates.


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