Ludo Naira: Earn Up to 5k Playing Ludo With Friends

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About ludo naira

If you want to make money from playing ludo game with friends, then you should consider signing up on ludo naira. Ludo naira is very similar to MPL Pro and it is a gaming application that provides you with the opportunity to play against other contenders for which anyone who wins will be credited with a higher amount from the stake of the loser.

In this article, we are going to be breaking down the steps to win some cash from playing ludo on the app. Before getting down to the main reason for writing this post, let’s know more about application.

About Ludo Naira

Ludo Naira is a ludo gaming app that gives users amazing prizes and cash awards. The good thing is that, you get to play with another person and if you have the ability to play well, you will be rewarded with the bonus which can be withdrawn instantly.

Apart from earning via games, there are other ways of earning on the app such as referral bonuses. Below is a detailed explanation of how it works;

How The Referral Works

When you sign up on ludo naira, you will be given a special referral link which can be used to refer new users. If a new user downloads the ludo naira app with your link and completes the sign up process, you will be given free 50 Naira bonus that can be used to play games.

It’s just like being credited with bonus to play games and win more cash. So if you are an active referrer, you may end up referring alot of users and getting enough cash to play games and win cash unlimitedly.

How to Earn Up to 5k on Ludo Naira App

How to earn money on ludo naira

  • Download and sign up on ludo naira via this link –
  • The above link will take you to play store, sign up and you will be given free 25 Naira Start up bonus which could be used to play games as well.
  • The minimum stake for a game is 5 naira which means you could actually play a number of games with the initial reg bonus to win extra bonus if you keep winning.

Minimum Withdrawal On the App

The minimum withdrawal on ludo naira app is 3 Naira; which means as soon as you have earned any dime, you can place withdrawal as soon as possible. That’s crazy! Considering the minimum withdrawal amount of similar platforms.

There is literally nothing to lose on the app register, refer or deposit money and play games if you are sure of your prowess when it comes to playing ludo and win unlimited cash! Now for the benefit of my viewers, I will be explaining how best to participate or earn on ludo naira;

How to Earn Well On Ludo Naira App Without Deposit

To earn well on ludo naira app without deposit, what you need is many Gmail or fake email addresses.

  • First of all, sign up and complete the registration steps, then copy your referral link.
  • Clear the app data or storage and click on your referral link, it will take you to the app, sign up and complete registration and you will be given an extra 50 referral bonus.

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Continue repeating the process to earn more referral bonus without even referring anybody. When you’ve gotten enough bonus, you stake higher amount on the game and win more money that can be instantly withdrawn to any bank of your choice.

Is Ludo Naira Legit?

Ludo naira is a very legit ludo gaming platform that actually pays users real money for playing games. If you are good at playing ludo, then you should try out ludo naira to earn some free money. The reviews on play store look funny, but trust me when I say, ludo naira is actually paying and the payment doesn’t even take time.

As soon as you place withdrawal, you receive the money in a matter of seconds. So if you have a good ludo playing skill, don’t waste it! Register on ludo naira and start making some money from your skill.

It is also worthy to mention that in as much as ludo naira is paying at the time of writing this article, there is also need to bear in mind that things might go wrong later on. Just enjoy it while you can.

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