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Are you aware that you can get free airtime, data, gift cards and many other goodies from just doing simple day-to-day activities on Lumi Website. We have seen many promotional sites and applications come and go but some have also endured and stood the test of time and Lumi appears to be one that will stand the test of time.

In today’s article, we are going to examine some of the ways you can accumulate free airtime, data, cash and gift cards from Lumi site. The good thing about the site is that, there are many ways of earning, and they are so basic that an illiterate would even be able to accumulate withdrawal points. But before we get down to business proper, there is need to first explain what Lumi is all about.

What Is Lumi Site?

Lumi free airtime proof

Lumi is an online website that can be used to make numerous payments online ranging from shopping to even buying data and airtime with your account. The added benefit is that, it is also a survey site that provides users with interesting surveys on recent and trending issues for which after answering, you stand accumulating points that will enable you withdraw airtime and data ceaselessly. There are three categories or levels of users in the platform and they are as follows;

Bronze users – as a newbie on the site that has not answered much surveys and also referred much users, you will only be able to cash out your withdrawal points via Airtime.

Silver users – must have referred and also answered surveys judiciously. They can purchase airtime, data and even withdraw their reward points as money or real life cash.

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Gold users – must have answered lots and lots of surveys and also lasted long on the platform with little to no violations. You can withdraw your points through airtime, data, gift cards and cash. At this level, a user can literally do everything on the platform.

How to Get Started And Get Free Airtime, Data and Other Goodies On Lumi

1. First of all, simply click on this link to sign up on Lumi – HERE make sure you fill accurate details on the site. Don’t enter any wrong detail because it will be verified later on.

2. After registering, you will be given some points and surveys to answer immediately, you can answer the simple surveys carefully to complete your 100+ Naira initial bonus. The interesting aspect also is that, you can place withdrawal for the initial 100 Naira bonus immediately. Their withdrawal just takes 10-15 mins to arrive. Note as a new user, you are a bronze user and as such can only withdraw through airtime.

Now to tbe main and interesting aspect, how can you accumulate unlimited airtime and other goodies whilst building your level on the app, you can simply share to your referral link to others and per user you get 3,500 points. If you are able to register many users, since the registration just takes few minutes, you not only accumulate more withdrawal points but also raise your score on the app and increase your chances of getting more high paying surveys. Below is a screenshot guide on how to obtain your referral link;

Lumi free airtime and date

You will be brought to a new page showing option to view your referrals, simply click on referral option and copy your unique referral link.

Lumi referral link

Note that, it doesn’t end here, the most interesting aspect is that, doing transactions on the Lumi Website gives you unlimited bonus points that can also be withdrawn. So you are literally losing nothing. When you top up your wallet and use it to purchase airtime, you get rewarded with mind-blowing bonus points depending on the amount. You are just not losing anything on LUMI.

Enjoy! The site has been tested and trusted by me personally that’s why I delayed the post till now.

Happy New Month 🥰😇

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