Maldorini Network Review: Token Launch Date, Legit Or Scam?

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Maldorini network review

Digital currencies are sprouting up on a daily basis and new crypto wallets are being launched alongside with some of them setting up their own crypto projects and allowing users mine the tokens before the final launch. Maldorini network happens to be one of the popular crypto platforms that currently have a remote mining manager/app and their own Maldo token. In this maldorini network review, we will be having a look at all there is to know about the maldorini mining app.

However, there is need to firstly introduce the maldorini app before delving into the aspect of its legitimacy and the launch date of the Maldo token according to the information on their official twitter page. In order not to bore you with much details or text, let’s get down to why we are here without hesitation.

About Maldorini Network

Maldorini network is a new crypto project as previously stated and they have a remote mining manager and a digital currency known as the Maldo token. The maldorini network application currently available on all app stores serves as a wallet to host the Maldo digital currency as well as allows you to grow and access the Maldo holdings.

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Now what this means is that, the maldorini application available on playstore and apple store is a wallet in the works and would serve as a holder of the maldorini token when it’s finally launched. In this prelaunch stage however, users can mine and increase their Maldo token pending the launch of the currency and wallet.

When is Maldorini Launch Date?

According to the information gotten from their official twitter handle, the maldorini tokens will be launched on the mainnet on 1st March, 2024. Prior to it’s launch date, the maldorini wallet will be launched in February and then the main token launched the next month.

This hopefully means that there is some light at the end of the tunnel for people who are actively mining the maldorini token. Reason is, when the token is launched on the mainnet, it can now be traded or converted to any other crypto asset of your choice.

Maldorini Review – Is Maldorini Network Legit Or Scam?

Since this is a maldorini network review, it’s rational to answer this question even though it’s a really difficult one due to the nature of crypto currency.

Maldorini Network seems to be a concrete project though. From my assessment, the app will be a good one and the token miners may actually smile at the end.

Crypto projects like this should not be taken for granted. We all know what happened with Pi and avive where users got real money from just mining some digital currency for free. So if you’re a crypto or airdrop hunter, you can go ahead and mine the maldorini token.

Secondly, the maldorini app is super simple to use. So mining wouldn’t even stress you one bit. All you have to do is click a button every 24 hours and your token will be added to your wallet. There are no intrusive ads on the app and the administrators claim to have gotten over 2 million users already with a target of 10 million before token launch.

How to Create An Account On Maldorini Network to Start Mining

Maldorini network mining app

Firstly, download the maldorini app from either play store or Apple store.

Sign up with your details and then start mining. While signing up, ensure you paste this code as referral code – Ch76770643696Ug

The registration process is very simple and to start mining, all you need to do is start session on the app while logged into your newly created account.

A countdown of 24 hours will start and after that 24 hours, you are to return to the app to restart the mining session again. If you start now, before the token is launched in march, you must have earned something relatively tangible.

How to Earn More Maldorini Token

How to earn more maldorini token

The only way to earn more Maldo token on the app is by referring new users to the app with your referral code.

To get your referral code, click on the three lines at the top left corner, then click on my profile, scroll down a bit you will see your referral code.

Copy and share to any of our friends or loved one trying to sign up on the maldorini network. The more active miners in your team, the higher your maldorini earnings and mining rate which means you will be at a greater advantage when they finally kick off operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maldorini Network

Does Maldorini have mother coins?

No. Maldo has its own blockchain.

When will the KYC process start?

Maldorini’s KYC process will start in few months time i.e. probably after mainnet launch.


Is Maldo mining free?

Yes. Mining Maldorini token is completely free.

When did Maldorini mining start?

The Maldo mining process started on September 1, 2022.

When is Maldorini mainnet launch?

Maldorini mainnet launch is on march 1st, 2024. While the wallet will go live in February.

That’s all for maldorini network review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to join our telegram channel for more updates.

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