Maringo Review: Earn $1 And Up to $100 From Referrals

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Maringo is running a referral campaign that gives users free $1 for each friend they refer. So in this maringo review, we will be having a look at some of the key details about the app to confirm the legitimacy of their referral program and whether or not users will actually be paid.

In this maringo review, we will be having a look at key things about the maringo app such as, the owner of maringo app, what maringo app is about, how to earn $1 and up to $100 and even more from referrals on the maringo app. But firstly, let’s start by introducing the maringo app for users who have no clue what the app is about.

About Maringo App

About Maringo App

Maringo is a multi purpose social-fi application that combines both the traditional social media features with fintech and e-commerce capabilities, giving users the opportunity to connect, share and monetize their social experiences.

In a nutshell, maringo app is a social medium that is powered by web3 technology, it leverages on the technology to provide ownership, security and transparency to the users.

The app is yet to be fully launched but since it’s in prelaunch stage, the administrators decided to start up a referral program that rewards users with free $1 for each person a user convinces to download the maringo app and sign up.

Who is the Owner of Maringo App?

Maringo review

The owner of maringo app is based on the United Kingdom and his name is Louis Akaatengar. He studied mechanical engineering at the university of Birmingham.

Though, the maringo app is not just a private project, there are many other teammates who are based in Nigeria especially Lagos, I thought it wise to include few details about the overall owner since the article is about Maringo review.

Maringo Review: Is Maringo App a legit Project?


Maringo seems to be a legit project because some well known tech websites have published various articles about the vision of the owner(s) and what the app promises to give users when it eventually launches.

So, to the question, is Maringo app legit or scam? I would say, its a legit project though in its prelaunch stage. If you can’t refer or have patience enough, I think it’s best you wait till it officially kicks off.

When will Maringo App launch?

There is no information as to when maringo will officially kickstart operation. But I don’t think it will take a long while because the referral program has been on for sometime now with over 30,000 users being onboarded within these period.

How Does Maringo Referral Program Work?

How maringo referral program works

Maringo is in its prelaunch stage but as part of the owner’s plan, the app is running a massive referral campaign where users are rewarded with free $1 for each person they refer to the platform

All it takes is downloading the maringo app from either play store or app store and then creating an account. When you are done, click on referrals showing on your dashboard, copy your own referral link and share to friends.

Ensure they sign up and verify their email addresses and you would be credited with $1 “which can be withdrawn when they eventually launch”.

You may be wondering why it’s in quotation marks, the reason is, those were the words of their telegram administrator and he assured us that maringo is a legit project. So if you can refer people, just share your link and referral code to friends to secure some money till they launch. I don’t think there is any loss since you don’t add your own money for any reason.

How to Create Account On Maringo App

  1.  Download Maringo App from Either Play Store or App Store for iOS users. 
  2. Sign up and use this code IHDPK as referral code, since you are probably learning about the application from this web page.
  3. The sign up process is quite easy and straightforward. When you are done, a code will be sent to your email, check spam and promotions if you don’t see it on your primary mailbox.
  4.  Enter the OTP and your account will be fully activated. Now if you wish to refer as well, click on referrals, copy your own referral link and code and share the good news of maringo for more money.

That’s all there is to know about Maringo, when the app fully launches, more articles will be published as regards how to withdraw the referral bonus and how to use the platform fully.

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