Massvoiz Survey: Earn Upto $25 Usdt From Answering Surveys

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Massvoiz is a survey platform that recently became widespread amongst users due to its high paying model and potential for affiliate earners. It is an interesting survey platform that respondents can earn up to $25 Usdt from the platform for free as long as they stick to completing the surveys available on the platform.

This is not the first time I am posting about a survey platform or website on this blog, so I believe you’ve gotten used to the fact that we publish latest survey platforms that are legit. With that being said, we will be having a look at a new survey platform known as Massvoiz, the various details about Massvoiz including reviews on trustpilot, how to go about creating an account on Massvoiz and also find out if the platform is actually legit or a sham.

About Massvoiz Survey Platform

Massvoiz is a survey website that in my own opinion stands out from the rest in various ways. You will get to know what distinguishes Massvoiz from some other survey platforms we’ve talked about on this blog later on. You earn money on Massvoiz when you share your opinion on various issues and topics and the money generated can be withdrawn via cryptocurrency.

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The surveys are quite easy and straightforward because you don’t need to be redirected to a different partner before you can complete a survey and there are no disqualifications as long as surveys are concerned. Immediately after creating an account, you would be able to complete 3 surveys daily as a free user and earn good money from the surveys.

Is Massvoiz Legit?

Massvoiz payment proof

Massvoiz is a legit survey platform that actually rewards users with cash when they complete surveys diligently on the platform and earn up to the minimum withdrawal amount. According to the information obtained from Whois, it’s a foreign survey service that was launched sometime last year but somehow became more popular in recent times.

How to Create An Account On Massvoiz

To create an account, simply click HERE to fill your details. There is an email verification, ensure the email address you are inputting into the registration form is very active as a code will be sent to the mailbox before your account will be fully active.

When you are done with the registration, you will be shown the dashboard with some available surveys to complete. Now here’s the thing you should know. Some surveys have a pro tag, as a newbie, you won’t be able to complete such surveys as they are paid. The surveys without a pro tag are the ones you should be completing even though the earnings are lower.

If you want to get higher paying surveys on Massvoiz, simply scroll down to the bottom of the surveys and tap on Load More, then you will see higher paying surveys that will fastrack your attainment of the Mimimum withdrawal amount.

About Massvoiz Referral Program

There are other ways of earning on Massvoiz besides completing surveys. One of the interesting ways of earning is by becoming an affiliate or participating in the affiliate program. To do this, you have to create an account and copy your referral link on the massvoiz website and share.

There is no fixed bonus on Massvoiz for referrals but you earn commissions from the earnings of the people you referred. For users on the free plan, you earn 10% of whatever your first level or direct referrals earn on the platform. Below is a breakdown on Massvoiz referral program;

  • First level or direct referrals – 10% of their earnings.
  • Second level referrals – 5% of their earnings.
  • Third level referrals – 3% of their earnings.

This means you literally earn passively from the network of your friends as long as they remain active on Massvoiz. But for users on pro, you earn 15% of your direct referrals earnings. Actually this is one area, the platform stands out from many other survey websites.

Minimum Withdrawal On Massvoiz Survey Platform

The Mimimum withdrawal on Massvoiz is $25 Usdt and it may take a while for you to earn this amount on the free plan but with a good and active chain of referrals, earning this amount wouldn’t be a big deal.

What’s more interesting? Massvoiz pays users in Usdt (trc20) which means you don’t even need a PayPal account to access your money on the platform. If you have a crypto wallet, then there should be nothing stopping or hindering you from starting your survey journey on Massvoiz. To add your withdrawal wallet, click on your profile icon and then on wallet settings, copy your Usdt trc20 wallet and paste in the column provided.

How to add withdrawal wallet on Massvoiz

Note: you must be careful while saving your withdrawal wallet because there is no way to modify it after adding. I guess this was done to prevent any form of fraudulent activity.

Massvoiz Trustpilot Reviews

Massvoiz trustpilot reviews

Massvoiz Green Flags

  1. Payment is made via cryptocurrency thus eliminating the restriction people from countries in Africa experience with PayPal.
  2. No survey disqualifications
  3. Daily access to the 3 surveys on the free plan
  4. Level system affiliate program

Massvoiz red Flags

  1. High Mimimum pay out amount. Not everyone can be patient enough to accumulate up to $25 and not everyone can refer.
  2. High upgrade amount. You need $199 to upgrade to the pro level for more earnings and surveys. This is almost impracticable for people in this part of the world judging from the alarmingly high exchange rate.
  3. Low paying surveys available on free plan which makes it much harder to reach the minimum threshold without referring.
  4. Delay in crediting the amount earned from surveys or team commission.

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